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Designer Handbags

Weird and Wonderful Chanel Bags

Jun 12, 2021

When Chanel bags come to mind, you may be thinking of their classic flap handbags, like the 2.55, the boy bag or perhaps even the Chanel grand shopper tote. However,…

Everything Luxury

7 Benevolent Facts About Bvlgari

Jun 10, 2021

Established in 1884, Bvlgari is one of Italy’s oldest and most successful jewellery houses to date. Today, Bvlgari is responsible for more than just gorgeous jewellery and luxury accessories and…

Everything Luxury

5 Tips to Shop Sustainably

Jun 06, 2021

It has become more important than ever to change our habits to protect the earth's scarce natural resources and reduce polluted landfills. But what if we told you that you…

Selling Designer Items

How to Ensure Your Bag Has A High Resale Value

Jun 03, 2021

If you’re a regular Luxity lady or lad, you’ll know by now that authentic designer handbags (and other luxury accessories) are a better investment than gold. However, to ensure your…

Everything Luxury

2021 Winter Fashion Forecast

May 28, 2021

Winter is coming, which means it's time for a change in wardrobe. However, this year, we're ditching dull outfits for vibrant, luxurious winter ensembles this season. If you're not sure…

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