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Which of the World’s Most Coveted Designer Brands Can You Find in South Africa?

Louis Vuitton

The world’s most coveted designer brands have started realising the potential in the Sub-Saharan African market.

The appetite for luxury designer items such as handbags, shoes and accessories stays strong, and if you’re a real shopaholic, you’re sure to have noticed the rise of international designer stores in South African malls.


From Louis Vuitton and Prada to Jimmy Choo and Dolce Gabbana – the international designer giants have surely made themselves at home. According to several experts, South Africa provides a long-term growth opportunity for luxury brands, with many consumers from other African states regularly visiting to gain access to the vast selection of luxury brands available here.

Furthermore, the growing middle class in South Africa has created a market segment with an aspiration amongst consumers for the finer things in life – which in turn creates the desire for status symbols. This is also a trend that luxury brands should keep a close eye on – as it is very likely that many future luxury customers will emerge in (South) Africa. At Luxity, we have compiled a list of luxury brands who have established themselves in the South African market and those that still need to make an appearance.

Luxury Fashion Brands Available in South Africa

Burberry Store Cape Town

- Armani
- Burberry
- Bulgari
- Dolce & Gabbana
- Gucci
- Jimmy Choo
- Louis Vuitton
- Prada

- Tom Ford
Salvatore Ferragamo
Christian Louboutin

Luxury Fashion Brands Currently Unavailable (or very difficult to find) in South Africa

Hermes Paris

- Balenciaga
- Chanel
- Chloé
- Christian Dior
- Fendi
- Givenchy
- Hermès
- Marc Jacobs
- Miu Miu
- Moschino
- Tod’s
- Valentino
- Yves Saint Laurent

Social media and e-commerce channels have also created a bigger market for luxury brands as consumers are now able to shop where and when they want.

Luxity provides a space for consumers in South Africa to purchase high-end pre-owned designer items at more affordable rates – including some brands that are usually not available here such as CHANEL or Hermès!

In addition, Luxity aims to provide access to luxury brands and items not generally accessible in South Africa buy not only selling luxury brands but by buying luxury brands from clients as well!