Top Luxury Designer Hashtags on Instagram

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With the incredibly popular wave of Instagram taking over social media, it’s not surprising that many top fashion brands have made Instagram an integral part of their overall marketing strategy.

A great example of this was seen at 2016’s New York Fashion Week when Tommy Hilfiger debuted an “InstaPit” where highly followed Instagram influencers were allowed to get unobstructed shots of the new collection. Many brands have followed suit and this is now a common feature at Fashion Weeks around the world.


"Insta-Pit" at NYFW


Why Do Designer Brands Love Instagram?

Instagram is a highly visual app that allows brands to easily advertise their products through visually appealing photographs. It’s an “instant” platform that allows brands to post sneak peeks behind the scenes at runways and red carpets. Instagram allows brands to open-up their once very exclusive world to a wide group of eager followers.

Looking into Instagram Hashtags for Luxury Designers

Instagram hashtags create amazing visibility for campaigns that brands may be running and allow them to reach their relevant audience. Hashtags allow labels to see what followers are saying about them and how their products are being styled. Furthermore, hashtags don’t only allow your followers to connect with you, but with EACH OTHER too.

We wanted to find out how many times our favourite designers have been hashtagged on Instagram. We listed them from highest to lowest for you!

  1. #gucci– 50,532,297
  2. #chanel – 57,929,751
  3. #prada– 38,545122
  4. #hermes– 38,168,915
  5. #louisvuitton–31,211,505
  6. #valentino– 27,099,763
  7. #burberry – 22,696,918
  8. #versace– 16,924,998
  9. #jimmychoo– 14,298,36
  10. #marcjacobs– 6,640,12
  11. #christianlouboutin– 5,324,323
  12. #tomford –3,659,633
  13. #tommyhilfiger – 3,345,038
  14. #christiandior– 1,501,568


General Popular Luxury Hashtags

What do you do when you’re wearing or carrying items from various different luxury brands on your Instagram? Well, it would be a good idea to lean towards some of the popular luxury/designer hashtags on Instagram! Here’s our pick:

 Instagram specific:

  • #instafashion
  • #instatravel
  • #instalifestyle
  • #instalove
  • #fashion
  • #lifestyle
  • #luxury
  • #luxurylife
  • #style
  • #travel


What are you waiting for? Get hashtagging on Instagram and be seen by thousands (or millions?) of like-minded individuals. If you’re looking to get a daily dose of multiple designer brands and fashion – follow our Instagram account @shopluxity.

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