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7 Weird & Wonderful Gucci Accessories

One of the many reasons why we love Gucci accessories is that they abandon all mediocre ideologies of fashion. Their runways embrace a child-like fantasy filled with bees, hearts, bows, brooches, animals, flowers, ruffles and more. Keep reading for our list of weird and wonderful Gucci accessories.

7. Gucci Icetrays

Gucci Ice When they said “live, breathe, and eat designer” – Gucci really meant it. What’s more is that this icetray is currently priced between $90-$120 which works out to be 1 480,51- 1 974,02 in Rands! Nevertheless, this weird and wonderful Gucci item is perfect for a boujee cocktail this Summer.

6. Gucci x Stuart Hughes Belt

Most Expensive Gucci Belt in the world Although this item is more ‘wonderful’ than ‘weird’, we included it as it’s one of the most expensive belts in the world! In fact, it’s the most expensive Gucci item ever sold too. However, the Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt is no ordinary belt – it’s actually made with platinum and diamonds. No, not diamantes – real, 30-carat diamonds! Which explains the extravagant price of $256 970 (R 4 227 195, 05). Stuart Hughes is famous for escalating the value and class of accessories by equipping them with the most expensive materials he can find. Moreover, it’s design and style is equally lavish.

5. Gucci Eraser

We know that Gucci makes everything stylish, but we never envisioned that they’d come out with their own range of ERASERS. It has been dubbed the world’s most expensive eraser. But we’re wondering if anyone would bring themselves to dirty a rubber listed at a whopping $130 (R2 138, 52).

4. Gucci Hybrid Hiking Sandals

Gucci sandals Just a few years ago, hybrid hiking sandals were known as the uncool ‘dad sandal’. But if anyone can make something trendy again, it’s Gucci! In fact, there has been an influx of ironically ugly clothes and accessories in the high-end fashion industry. They’re so ugly that they’re gorgeous! This is largely owed to designer brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, among other luxury brands. Although they're similar to the originals, the Gucci’s make use of contrasting colours with a bold Gucci logo on the straps of each shoe. Additionally, at $952 (R 15 660, 54), they probably cost a lot more than your dad paid for it!

3. Ilse Sock Sandal

Gucci Sock Shoe The Gucci Ilse sock sandal definitely turned heads when it was showcased in the Spring/Summer 2017 collection priced at $1 400 (R 23 030, 21). This ‘sock sandal’ is the sister of the ‘sock boot’ and features a nude latex sock under a patent-leather sandal. However, it’s clear that the sock sandal is better suited for more daring fashionistas and women who want to wear sandals without showing their feet!

2. Fur Loafers

Gucci full fur loafers Since 1953, the original Gucci loafer has always been synonymous with class, luxury and royalty. However, in 2015, Gucci transformed the ordinary loafer into a more Chewbacca-like aesthetic. And at its current price tag of $1 900 (R 31 255, 28), this slab of fur will still cost you just as much. What’s more, this kangaroo fur shoe is topped off with the brand’s signature gold horse-bit hardware – which is a staple for all Gucci loafers, of course!

1. Fake/Not Bags

Gucci Not Fake Collection For the Fall/Winter collection, Alessandro Michele designed bags that look like traditional Gucci except there are bold ‘FAKE’ and ‘NOT FAKE’ graffiti printed on authentic handbags. This look is an ironic shot at counterfeit culture as well as the consumer obsession with the authenticity of the garments. Moreover, it would be irony compounded if counterfeit producers copy the collection! Additionally, the collection includes both men and women’s shoes, hats, scarves, jackets, suitcases among others. Whether you’re into bold and daring fashion or even classic and timeless designer pieces, Luxity is your all-in-one stop for everything luxury! See our online store to find more Gucci accessories.