Why Gucci is the new popular millennial brand…

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Luxury brands have started to make a huge comeback, and GUCCI is perhaps the most favourite choice amongst millennial market.

According to a WWD report, GUCCI has seen a whopping 595 percent increase in full-price sell-outs this year in comparison to the same period in 2016.

The younger generation is said to be less concerned with luxury names and is reportedly more concerned with style and quality that displays their uniqueness.

GUCCI is one of the brands that has managed to get through to millennials by incorporating quality materials with unique and distinguishable signatures. The brand’s brightly embellished insect, reptile and animal motifs are named as the factor that millennials find most appealing and relatable.

Let’s peek at the most popular GUCCI items that millennials are queuing up for:


The GUCCI loafers are currently one of the most popular millennial products. These loafers provide millennials with a more casual look without sacrificing on uniqueness, glamour and elegance for the most fashion-conscious consumer.

The GUCCI loafers are available in plain black and in a more intricate detailed embroidery and fur designs to provide a market for both minimalists and maximalist’s.

Gucci Loafer


This Italian fashion house is known for its bags – so, obviously, GUCCI handbags cannot be left off this list. Due to the revolutionary changes made to the brand by current art director Alessandro Michele and his visionary concept, GUCCI handbags now stand out from other luxury brand competitors like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès. Their bold stripes, floral patterns and embroidery make them one of the most coveted handbag brands in the world sending a clear message to everyone who spots them.

Gucci Logo


Classic white sneakers have made a comeback in a big way in the last couple of years. GUCCI saw this as an opportunity and re-recreated their version of the classic white sneaker – embellished with the quintessential GUCCI designs. In a modern, yet classy way – two elements this particular brands knows to juggle just too well – GUCCI provides you with a white sneaker that symbolises luxury and wealth.

Gucci Sneaker
Gucci Sneakers


GUCCI has brought back the bold and bulky belt trend of the 80s in a big way. The signature GUCCI belt with the iconic interlocking G buckle looks simply amazing paired with faded and blue denim. It is often seen as the way millennials complete their more ‘casual’ outfits without resorting to other flashier accessories.

Gucci Belt
Gucci Belt

With the line between streetwear and luxury blurring by the minute – who would have dared leave the house in fur slippers a few years ago? – GUCCI continues to become increasingly popular due to the exposure the brand receives on social media from bloggers, celebrities and models alike!

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