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Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses Are The Most Iconic Fashion Accessory Of All Time

Sunglasses date back to the Roman Empire. It is said that the Roman Emperor Nero wore polished emerald gemstones to watch the gladiators fight in 60 AD. Now, it’s possible that he really just preferred a green tint to his fighting, but more than likely it had to do with the sun. This brings us back to the 21st century: Sunglasses are not just practical but also fashionable, trendy and even good for your eyes and skin! We all love to feel confident and that carries out the beauty in all of us. Wearing the right pair of shades will complement your features and your outfit. Getting it right when it comes to shape and colour is vitally important – and will only add to your own appeal among other fashionistas. Gucci Sunglasses When it comes to style and trends, everything should be taken into consideration: from the way you style your hair to whether or not to include glitter anywhere, from the height of your heels to the fit of your clothes... ALSO SEE: Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses Are Worth The Investment Designer glasses to suit your face Of course, this also means that the size and shape of your eyewear is equally as important, along with the lenses, the rims, the embellishments or lack thereof. Sometimes, things look just much better when you know you are working with the flow of fashion instead of against it. Exceptions prove the rule, of course. So, now that you know, don't forget that at Luxity we have a whole range of gorgeous, timeless high-end sunglasses that could be seen on any runway. Create your own unique appeal this summer with our ever so elegant iconic sunnies from Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or CHANEL.