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The Most Popular Gucci Bags of All Time

Since its inception in 1921, Gucci has steadily produced some of the most iconic and coveted designer handbags in the fashion world. Keep reading for the top 7 most popular Gucci handbags of all time.

GG Marmont

Black Marmont Bag You don’t have to be an ultimate fashionista to recognize this beauty! The GG Marmont is simple yet so elegant and definitely one of our favourites. The gorgeous Gucci Marmont collection is designed by current creative director, Alessandro Michele and inspired by a stylish 1970s GG buckle. Although, the logo has been refurbished to a more modern aesthetic with structured lines. The Marmont is the perfect everyday handbag and a must-have for luxury bag collectors. Additionally, the collection includes various colours and prints as well as different sizes from belt bags to medium-sized originals.

Soho Disco

Small blue bag Just like the name indicates, the Soho Disco handbag is youthful, funky and carefree. This handbag can easily be identified by its usual central logo, cross-body strap and swinging tassel. The silhouette is shaped to sit comfortably over the hip yet is deceptively spacious. Soho Disco is one of Gucci’s most popular handbags. However, it hit its peak in 2015 where many beautiful colourways and styles were available. Although the handbag is still available from Gucci stores, the brand has discontinued most of it is colour ranges. It’s now very rare to get your hands on any other colour besides black, rose beige and red. However, if you’re hunting for unusual and limited-edition Gucci handbags, you may be able to find authentic resellers like Luxity.

Dionysus Bag

Gucci dionysus bag As the name suggests, this handbag is inspired by the Greek god, Dionysus who was the god of wine, fertility, pleasure and dance, theatre, and religious ecstasy. However, it’s most recognised by its signature vintage metal clasp characterised by two tiger heads in the shape of a horseshoe. Unlike the afore-mentioned handbags, this Gucci bag is much more spacious, structured, and yet still has a glamourous appeal. What’s more, the stylish chain strap can worn by its top strap, as a long shoulder bag or adjusted to be shorter. What’s more, the Dionysus handbag is available in much more styles, sizes and exotic materials.

Sylvie Bag

Designer handbags in South Africa If you’ve haven’t heard before, many Gucci insignia is inspired by it’s rich history of horse riding aristocrats and was formerly the preferred brand of equestrian gear. And the Gucci Sylvie is no exception. This beauty drew its materials from the bellyband fixing the saddle to the horse belly. The red and green saddle inspired web ribbon originates from the 1950s but it’s clear that Alessandro Michele sparked some life back to the handbag style.

Gucci Jackie

Pink Jackie Bag Iconic for more ways than one, this Gucci handbag was actually originally named the ‘Fifties Constance’! However, after the era’s most fabulous fashionista and former US First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed carrying one – it had to be changed to her nickname ‘Jackie’. The Jackie handbag is simple, clean and timeless. Although, the style has been reissued and revamped numerous times by different Gucci creative directors including Tom Ford, Frida Giannini as well as Alessandro Michele.

Bamboo Bag

black bamboo bag The bamboo handle is one of Gucci’s signature elements, however, it’s origins is somewhat peculiar. During World War 2, countries suffered from a lack of resources – forcing many business owners and craftsmen to be creative with their products. Gucci quickly realised that they could import bamboo from Japan, heat it and bend it to create a beautiful masterpiece that we still know and love today. This feature adds warmth to any outfit and could last a lifetime. What’s more, as soon as the bamboo handle bag was debuted in 1947, it was a success amongst celebrities and fashionistas like Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Princess Di and many more.


Black embossed bag In Italian, ‘Guccissima’ literally translates to the ‘most Gucci’ – and it’s not hard to see why! In 2006, former Gucci accessories designer, Frida Giannini crafted this beautiful, embossed pattern into buttery leather. Many say that this iconic design and collection was the reason for the decade’s obsessed with logomania.

Where to find Gucci in South Africa?

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