Choosing Designer Sunglasses for My Face Shape

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Recognising which pair of sunglasses suit your unique aesthetic and face shape can be quite the challenge – especially if you’re South African. Our diverse culture, style and yes – facial features – is one for the books.

Of course, every fashionista needs perfect frames to fit a perfect face! So, we’ve listed a couple of ways to select the ideal sunglasses based on your face shape.

Will you be wearing Round Prada Glasses this year, or perhaps a pair of Versace Aviators? Let Luxity help you decide!

How Do I Know What My Face Shape Is?

Figuring Out Your Face Shape

The Importance of Knowing Your Face Shape 

Spectacles and sunnies aside, did you know that your face shape dictates which weave, hair lengths and styles look best on you? Knowing your face shape will also assist you when doing your own makeup – you’ll know exactly where to contour for example. 

As every trendsetter knows, emphasising your best features is a MUST.

First and foremost, every face shape falls within the following groups: round, square, heart or oval. Furthermore, you may even find that some faces, share combined character traits.

However, rest assured, every face will always lean toward one of the 4 groups more so than the rest.

How Do I Measure My Face Shape? 

Measuring Your Face Shape

In order to determine which shape your fancy face is, we’re going to use the ‘Cross Shape’ method. All you’ll need is a ruler, a mirror – and a face.


Stand in front of the mirror and practice your Royal Wave (YASS!), then grab a flexible ruler, a pen and paper.


With a ‘straight’ face, measure your forehead from side to side (Hairline A to Hairline B).


Now with a slight smirk, measure your jawline from below Ear A to Ear B.


Pout a bit and measure the length of your face from your forehead to your chin.


Compare the measurements of the breadth of your forehead and the breadth of your jawline. The higher number between the two would then be your face’s width.

As an alternative, you could add the two numbers together and divide it by 2 to get the average (more accurate) width. Circle the larger of the two measurements. Now, this is your face width.


Figuring Out Your Face Shape

Now, with your measurements and our guide – you finally know your face shape and can select the perfect sunnies for it!

Luxury Sunglasses For Oval Faces

Choosing Designer Sunglasses for Face ShapeIs it easier to find glasses for oval face shapes? Yes. It’s mostly because they look good in virtually any type of frame, but this is exactly why people get it wrong.

Luxury glasses are never meant to just ‘fit’ or ‘suit’ you. You want to choose a pair that is going to enhance your facial features.

Play around with some of our geometric shaped glasses, look at square and rectangle shaped frames. Structure contrasts well with an oval face. They bring out the natural balance of your face and highlight your best features. Also, be sure to look for a pair that is wider around the eyes, this will elongate your oval jaw, and you’re good to go!

Luxury Sunglasses For Heart-Shaped Faces

Luxury Glasses for Heart Shaped Faces

So, you have a sweet-heart-shaped-face, adorbs! Heart shaped faces feature curved lines and elegant angles. The best glasses for heart-shaped faces are rectangle, oval or wayfarer. That means that you get to wear quite a few sunny varieties AND still look good too.

A great way to determine which facial feature you would like to stand out is to check out different frames in your ‘face shape’ category.

Pop in at a Luxity store or browse and experiment with a few Prada, Versace or Fendi luxury Sunglasses online.

Luxury Sunglasses For Square Shaped Faces

Designer sunglasses for square shapeWhen it comes to choosing stylish glasses, people with square faces have the chance to be bold and expressive! Bold, bright and extravagant pieces suit square shaped faces best! The key is to search for glasses with round frames. Round frames are perfect for adding contrast to this stronger face shape and gorgeous jawline. Frames can balance out your most striking facial features, or hide them. 

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