Where to Find Gucci in South Africa

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Once a young immigrant hotel worker in Paris, high-end leather connoisseur Guccio Gucci found himself captivated by the luxurious items bourgeois guests would carry. Once Guccio returned home to Florence in 1920, he established his first store. In 2019, we’re still enthralled and obsessed with his creations to a point where we’re always on the search for Gucci in South Africa.

In total, Gucci also has three stores in Africa. Of which two are found in South Africa (which proves our obsession with Gucci pieces). However, even if you can’t afford to splurge on new Gucci items or prefer the sustainable fashion route, there are pre-owned options for you too! Keep reading, and soon you won’t believe the Gucci options available to you in this rainbow nation of ours. 

Where to Find Gucci in Johannesburg

Gucci Sandton City

You are in luck here! The Gucci store in Sandton, surrounded by equally acclaimed luxury stores and eateries, is a great location. Sandton City is home to some of Africa’s finest coffee and designer items. Furthermore, it offers an unparalleled shopping experience that combines the world’s most desirable brands with everyday leisure and entertainment.

Looking to shop brand new Gucci items? Have a read on The Price of Gucci Handbags in South Africa.

Luxity Melrose Arch

Luxity Gucci Melrose Arch

As much as Gucci gets us all giddy, collecting authentic Gucci items can be quite expensive. Besides, currency conversion and international tax rate add quite a substantial amount to already pricey items.

That’s where Luxity makes a grand entrance.

Luxity buys and sells pre-owned and authenticated Gucci items. Our store is a gateway to owning vintage or limited edition items too.

Gucci is reinventing the modern approach to fashion. Under the new vision of the creative director, Alessandro Michele, the House has redefined luxury for the 21st century.

As our loyal fashionistas know, Luxity’s luxurious flagship store is situated Melrose Arch, Sandton. Ideally located in Melrose Arch, it oozes dynasty and glamour in a way that only a Luxity store could.

Where to Find Gucci in Cape Town

Gucci V & A Waterfront

Gucci V&A Waterfront Cape Town

As the expert in all things international, the V & A Waterfront boasts a fleet of designer stores. The location draws around 24 million visitors per year. Gucci’s V&A Waterfront store displays items previously only available in Europe.

This means that African style mavens now have access to luxury items like the patent leather Gucci D Ring Tote. It pairs perfectly with a black calfskin suede Daryl Cage Gucci Sandal.

Luxity Cape Quarter

Luxity Gucci Cape Quarter

Influential, innovative, and progressive, The Cape Quarter offers the most personalised retail experience. The Cape Quarter houses over 100 unique boutique stores and restaurants. Of course, your darling Luxity simply had to grace the quarter with its presence. Luxity has added to the elegance and ambience of an already great setting.

Overall, it truly is a great time to invest in your favourite luxury items. Moreover, it has never been easier to shop for luxury.

Where to Find Gucci Online

shopping Gucci online in South Africa

Sadly, Gucci’s online store is not yet accessible to South Africans as they do not offer delivery to South Africa. 

Thankfully, Luxity provides a luxury online shopping experience! All website visitors can buy or sell luxury items on our website with ease.

Moreover, we provide FREE shipping internationally. Throw on some ‘Bye Felicia’ energy and bid farewell to hassles and fuss. Now that you know exactly where to find authenticated Gucci items, what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!

GUCCI Leather Rython Triple Tiger Sneakers – S: 43 (9)

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GUCCI Leather “Blind For Love” Sneakers Black – S: 42.5 (8.5)

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GUCCI Metallic Ballerina Flats Gold/Pink – S: 21 (4.5) – NEW

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GUCCI Quilted Leather Dionysus Hobo Black

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GUCCI Leather Olimpia Crystals Platform Boots Black – S: 38.5 (5.5)

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GUCCI Leather Ankle Strap Pumps Chocolate – S: 35 (2.5)

 472.50  252.00
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GUCCI Leather 1970 Shoulder Bag Black

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GUCCI Leather Studded Ankle Strap Platform Sandals Black – S: 39 (6)

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GUCCI Patent Snow Glam Boston Black

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