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“Luxity is a happy place to shop. We buy and sell authentic, pre-owned luxury items that are in great condition.”

Growing up I have always noticed how clothes had the power to change my moms mood and give her the confidence for being the super mom that she has always been! I also realizedthat all women were influenced on some level, in the same way too. Whether it be a new handbag or pair of shoes, these items have the power to create a sense of happiness. And that is why Luxity was started, with one goal: To make you happy.

Our mission to encouraging women to achieve utter style happiness is founded in our powerful belief in authenticity. After all, there is no substitute for being and feeling authentic. When a woman wears a fake item and no matter how good the counterfeit is, she will never get the same feeling as when wearing an original.

An original brings you confidence, absolute style and the comforting reassurance that your item will last through many years, if not generations. This is why we celebrate our items as investment pieces. At Luxity, our process starts at affording realistic access to the most coveted and iconic Fashion Houses in the world. The rest that follows is just happiness.


BE AUTHENTIC™, is more than just our slogan. It is our promise and our life’s work. It is also what drives us and it is what keeps us up at night ensuring that absolutely everything we offer is 100%
authentic. We also want to inspire women everywhere to radiate a personal magnetism and to look, live and feel the very best version of themselves that they can be.

We believe that this starts at being authentic


Something happens when you purchase from Luxity. Something more than what you would expect. When you walk out in the street with your new designer pre-owned bag, or watch, or limited edition vintage sunglasses from us – your energy changes.

A silent power can be felt in your presence, it does not need to be heard – but everyone knows it is there. Your eyes will sparkle and you will know that you have arrived at being authentic, and there is nothing more powerful than a woman who is sure about herself and who has the confidence to look the world in the eye.

Our Promise

“We have a lifetime authenticity return policy that guarantee’s 100% of your money back!”

Before being stocked, each item goes through our rigorous and scrutinizing evaluation and authentication procedure, conducted by our heavily experienced authenticators to guarantee 100%authenticity.

The Luxity stamp of approval is our bond. This is why we have a lifetime return policy that guarantee’s 100% of your money back (including delivery fee’s), if you ever prove that the item you purchased from us is not authentic.

“Our mission is to empower women to achieving a higher state of utter happiness
– and that simply won’t change”

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