Top 6 Weird Designer Items on Luxity That You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Have you ever looked at the runway fashions and wondered what the designer was thinking? Yup, we’ve been there too. However, we believe that fashion isn’t about only about mainstream practical wear – it’s about having fun!

In the words of Kate Spade, “Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends”.

See our top 6 weird designer items on Luxity right now –

MIU MIU Metalasse Tote Large Beige

Weird MIU MIU handbagPlush pillow but make it fashion.

Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion women’s clothing and accessory brand based on Miuccia Prada’s personal wardrobe. If you ask us, this beige Miu Miu Metalasse handbag is reminiscent of plush bedding, and we love a little cushion for pushin’. Another highlight of this item is the size, it’s big enough that you could probably store your entire bedroom in it – a great item if you’re packing for a weekend getaway.

GUCCI White Leather Mouth Print Rhyton SneakersWeird Gucci Shoes


Usually, we try to avoid scuff marks on our white sneakers . . . not Gucci!

These thick-soled, chunky sneakers speak to an era of rock ‘n roll in a distinctly Gucci way. With their white distressed leather, rock-inspired print, grey spray paint effect, and of course, the bold black branding vertically across the shoe, this design is truly something different. However, Gucci is well known for being both classy as well as crazy designs.

Remember back in the day, when you used to be embarrassed by your dad for sporting his trusty pair of chunky trainers and high waisted jeans? Well, they’re cool now. Ever since Balenciaga brought out the ‘ugly dad shoes’ the fashion industry, and probably your dad, has been shook.

FENDI Gold Leather Micro Kan I Flower Crossbody Bag

Tiny Fendi Handbag

Sure, you know about the mini Jacquemus handbag, but have you heard about Fendi’s micro Kan crossbody bag?

This weird designer bag is only 11 cm x 9.5 cm x 6 cm! This tiny proportions clearly challenge the original purpose of a handbag and instead acts like an accessory or jewel that is worn around the body.

This miniature handbag could probably only fit your car keys and a lipstick, but who cares? Fashion is about fun and just admit it, you think it’s cute too!

GUCCI Pink Rubber Crystal Embellished Tiger Head Sandals

Weird Designer Gucci ShoesThe Gucci Rubber sandals are basically crocs that went to private school. Like the infamous shoe brand, these babies are comfortable and spacious- and far prettier to look at.

These interesting are reminiscent of the ‘70s summer style and feature sparkling crystals that add a touch of class to the otherwise playful shoe. Also featured are the classic Double G hardware and a tiger symbol.

We’re in love but still believe these Gucci sandals make our list of top 6 weird designer items because let’s be honest, these aren’t everyone’s cup of Gucci.

CHANEL Icicle Long Fur Boots – Limited Edition

Weird Chanel Fur Boots

If ‘Big Foot’ designed shoes, they would probably look like these babies.

These weird designer booties are covered in white faux fur, fit up to the knee and have a hidden ‘icicle’ heel. Don’t worry about freezing in the cold winter, these boots will keep you warm and toasty with a leather inner and thick faux fur.

A little weird? Yes. Obsessed? Definitely.

MIU MIU Glitter Crisscross Platform Slingback Sandals

Glitter Miu Miu SandalsIt’s no surprise that Miu Miu takes another spot in our top 6 weird designer items with these slingback shoes.

Multicolour glitter sandals with a high platform make for a strange combination but Miu Miu makes it happen! These shoes are perfect for the fashionista that wants to be comfortable but can’t resist some extra height.

Whether you’re into strange and unusual designer items or even classic, timeless designer pieces; Luxity’s got you covered! See our online store for the most coveted items in the world.

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