Weird and Wonderful Chanel Bags

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When Chanel bags come to mind, you may be thinking of their classic flap handbags, like the 2.55, the boy bag or perhaps even the Chanel grand shopper tote. However, much like Gucci and other fun luxury brands, Chanel tends to get very creative on the runway. In fact, some Chanel bags both confuse and entice us at the same time. Wondering what we’re talking about? Keep scrolling for some of our favourite weird and wonderful Chanel bags!

The Menu Bag

On today’s menu: steaming hot Chanel bags!

We didn’t expect anything less than world-class fashion from the late Karl Lagerfeld’s autumn/winter collection of 2015 but even this surprised us. The menu bag features a classic quilted flap but tucked underneath it, is none other than a menu book. The handbag comes in maroon or green lambskin leather and features text that says ‘Menu’, ‘Brasserie Gabrielle’. 

Although this item is rather strange, we suppose it makes sense to carry around a menu if you want to look like a snack! 

Brasserie Gabrielle Plate Bag

When we said we’re hungry for fashion, this is what we meant!

The Brasserie Gabrielle Plexiglass Plates Minaudiere presents two plexiglass plates with the words ‘Brasserie Gabrielle’, engraved CC (for Coco Chanel) logo and lambskin leather with a kiss lock closure.

What’s more, this unusual bag can be yours for about R 136 000 – talk about luxury dining!

2.55 Encased in Plastic

Besides looking fabulous and carrying your personal belongings, the other purpose of a handbag is usually to hide your items. But, as usual, Chanel pushes the envelope.

The 2.55 plastic-encased handbag clearly displays all your items excluding items in the 2.55 handbag. However, high fashion promises fabulousness, not necessarily functionality.

After all, life in plastic is fantastic!

Chanel Brass Shopping Basket

If you think wearing a shopping basket for a bag is ridiculous, wait till you hear about the price!

Although this item is merely a glorified shopping cart, it was first listed at R 142 000 in 2014, it is now worth over R 365 000 on the pre-owned market. Hence, it more than doubled its original price in just a few years – talk about a luxurious investment!

And yes, it’s made from signature Chanel calfskin leather of course!

Oil Canister Bag 

We don’t mean to gaslight Chanel, but this handbag is just crazy! 

Back in 2014, Chanel showcased a very hot handbag (pun intended) in Dubai. Of course, the gas canister bag is a nod to the amount of oil naturally found in the UAE.

The iconic oil canister bag is available in plexiglass and a signature quilted leather option along with lambskin leather chain link strap and classic CC engraving. 

Hula Hoop Chanel Bag

We’d be disappointing so many if we didn’t include the iconic hula hoop Chanel bag that shook the fashion world back in 2013. 

But, if you’ve never of it before, we’ll break it down for you. For Lagerfeld’s spring/summer collection, he famously showcased a massive quilted lambskin bag placed within two hula hoops. Although, the late Chanel creative director admitted that this oversized bag is meant to be a beach bag for towels and sunscreen.

In fact, this big bag is no longer for sale. However, you can still get your hands on a miniature version in the pre-owned luxury market for around R 19 000. 

Chanel Spool Minaudière

If you think the previous handbags are ridiculous, prepare to needle the thread on this next one.

For the fall/winter collection of 2016, Chanel stitched a handbag shaped like a spool of golden thread. This haberdashery handbag is crafted in resin and shiny gold thread, delicately woven together to shape the bobbin and styled with a leather chain strap and a dangling CC pendant. It’s also available to open by removing the top lid. 

Since the season is inspired by couture, we must admit, we found this Chanel bag to be the perfect way to celebrate the craft. However, can you imagine spending R 104 000 on a giant needle and thread?

Rocket Handbag

This handbag is out of this world, no really, it’s a space rocket shaped bag.

From the Fall/Winter’17 runway show, the Chanel resin rocket minaudière bag is quilted with a diamond-studded top, the classic CC logo, and chain decoration on the bottom of the rocket to symbolize the rocket’s fire. 

To add to the peculiarity, the pointy top may not be the most comfortable to wear but will certainly cost you around R 267 000!

Chanel Meat Packaged Flap Bag

Want your authentic Chanel bag to stay fresh all year round? Then the cling-wrapped Chanel bag is the answer!

In fact, the cling wrap covering handbag with quality assurance stickers resembles something straight out of a meat & poultry section of the grocery store. Except, of course, it’s more luxurious and we doubt you ever bought anything cling-wrapped for R 49 000!

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