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Our Favourite Luxury Sneakers Worth Spending Your Money On

Let’s be honest, sneakers have infiltrated just about every fashion culture right now. Yes, we are wearing dresses with sneakers (only luxury from Luxity, of course!) and we love it. Don’t let the price tag fool you; not all sneakers are the same. Standing out as statement pieces, sneakers from some of the biggest labels can help add a touch of sport-luxe to your look while serving as a comfortable option. But comfy doesn’t necessarily equate to ugly, as you already know we do everything in style, because fashion is a way of life, honey. We have put together a nifty selection of our top 10 favourite sneaker trends right now.

Luxury Branded Sneakers

The world’s biggest trendsetters kicked off the embroidery revolution over four years ago, and it’s still relevant. This distinctive detail of the renowned House is reminiscent of '80s tape logos running down the sides of vintage tracksuits of the era. The Gucci jacquard stripe is definitely one of our favourites and we think it’s captured oh-so-perfectly on these white luxury sneakers. On those days when you simply can’t bother wearing sky-scraping heels, these beauties will become your go-to’s for the summer season. These sneakers are eternally on-trend and go with virtually everything in your wardrobe, from plain denim jeans with a plain white tee, to dressing down your summer suits. Just get it, you won’t regret it. We’re obsessed with these sneakers, with the signature Gucci snake that accompanies the emerald, ruby and gold stripes so well.

Dad Shoes

Balenciaga Sneakers Yes, we’re still loving dad shoes, and although the trend started last year, high-end retailers are still releasing more chunky kicks. Designers like Gucci and Steve Madden have embraced the chunky trainer trend and to be honest, we’re here for these ‘ugly sneakers’. They’re comfortable as well as height boosting so it’s a win-win for us. This trend all started when Balenciaga introduced dad sneakers to the fashion world in 2017, and since then, these iconic sneakers have continuously skyrocketed in sales despite its hefty price tag. So yes, they're still relevant and we’re into it!

White Sneakers

Givenchy Paris We’ve said several times that we love our luxury loud and proud, and these Givenchy Slip-On Sneakers capture that fashion aesthetic perfectly in these casual, everyday shoes. These beauties don’t try to hide their luxury heritage with huge branding sprawled across the white shoe and the signature knot on the back heel adds a little something special - and of course, we care about the details. We’d pair this with just about EVERYTHING, get ready for cool summer OOTDs with this one.

High Heel Sneakers

These sneakers are perfect for those fashionistas that want to be comfortable but also want to showcase some style. Comfort and chic, it doesn’t get any better than this. We’re particularly loving with these Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneakers with their high-quality leather material down to the brand’s signature gold details. Guiseppe Zanotti has been producing sneakers since 1981 and has become famous for including zippers on the sides of all of his sneakers and this shoe encapsulate's the brand's style perfectly. Whether you're a girly-girl or even a street styler, they are perfect for every fashionista. We'd pair these bad boys with a bodycon dress or even some baggy pants and a tee. Add some subtle height to your ensemble with these stunners.

Studded Sneakers

Nothing says ‘edgy’ like studs. No, they’re not just trendy right now- they’re timeless. These days studs are found on just about every fashion item so why not feature them on your shoes? But we can't talk about studs without mentioning Valentino. From clothing items to high heels and even sneakers, this luxurious Italian fashion house is famed across the globe for its exquisitely designed pieces featuring stunning studs. We’re currently adoring these pink Trak sneakers from the iconic brand. It’s studded AND pink, need we say more? Whether you’re going for a quick shopping trip or simply just lounging around the house, do it in Valentino.

High Tops

Louis Vuitton Sneakers Originally, high-top sneakers were about providing sporting athletes more ankle support and protection. However, today they’re one of the most recognisable shoe trends yet. Any sneakerhead will tell you that these beauties will give a fresh look to any outfit it’s paired with. Wear them with shorts or some ankle-grazing skinny jeans to showcase your beauties. We’re personally obsessed with these Louis Vuitton leather Slipstream sneakers. You didn’t think we’d talk about our faves without mentioning LV, right? These orange beauties are created with a perfect symphony of leather and suede and are also adorned with a matching strap and embellished with the House’s signature ‘LV’ branding. We’re head over heels for this one. Still wondering what makes sneakers so pricy? Well, all authentic luxury items consist of high-quality materials which cost a bit more than your average cheap takkie and for good reason. These materials are more sturdy that doesn’t crack as much over time so you can have better use out of them. In addition, don’t forget that designer wear is an investment. They're easy to maintain AND hold their value really well. If you’re trying to make room in your shoe closet for more designer goodies then simply cash in your investment by selling them to us! However, if you’re looking to add to your shoe closet, we’ve got you too ? See our shop for the hottest shoe candy right now!