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RareStep – Exclusive Sneakers: A Journey of Passion, Exclusivity and Authenticity


Step into the world of RareStep, where a passion for global sneaker culture meets the rich heritage of South Africa. As a valued client of Luxity, we are excited to introduce you to this premium online marketplace for exclusive, authentic, limited edition sneakers and high-end streetwear. RareStep is not just a store; it is a celebration of individuality, curated with the utmost care and offering a unique experience tailored to your personal style. Inspired by the success stories of local sneaker entrepreneurs, RareStep is here to make its mark on the industry by delivering unrivaled authenticity, exceptional quality, and a true sense of exclusivity.


A Journey Born of Inspiration

Hailing from the vibrant township of Umlazi, our CEO & Co-Founder: Wandile Sibisi is quoted as saying “I, like many others, found inspiration in the stories of Theo Baloyi, founder of Bathu, and Lekau Sehoana, the visionary behind Drip. These local entrepreneurs demonstrated that it was possible to carve a niche in the South African sneaker industry. However, my personal journey led me to seek inspiration beyond borders. Growing up in the age of social media and the internet, I immersed myself in the global sneaker culture, particularly influenced by the captivating allure of American streetwear. The sight of my favorite musicians, actors, influencers, athletes, and content creators flaunting the latest Air Jordans and Yeezys ignited a deep love for the culture within me. Fueling this passion, I met my like-minded co-founders who shared my vision for RareStep—a brand that transcends boundaries and offers a truly premium South African online destination for sneaker enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs.”

Authenticity Guarantee

A Global Outlook, Rooted in Authenticity

At RareStep, we understand that the sneaker culture encompasses diverse perspectives and desires. Some collectors cherish the pristine condition of their sneakers, admiring them from afar as prized possessions. Others relish the experience of wearing their coveted pairs, drawing admiration wherever they go. Some see sneakers as valuable investments, witnessing their worth appreciate over time. Our mission is to cater to each individual's unique needs, providing an exclusive marketplace where all sneakerheads can find their home. By leveraging our local and global networks, we curate a collection of the rarest items, sourced with meticulous care to ensure their authenticity. We are proud to offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee, backing every purchase with the promise that if any item is proven fake, a refund will be issued, no questions asked.

Yeezy 500

The RareStep Experience: Exclusivity and Quality

RareStep stands on four pillars that define our brand: exclusivity, premium quality, authenticity, and self-expression. When you shop with us, you step into a world where rarity and distinction reign supreme. Our commitment to sourcing only 100% original sneakers and streetwear is unwavering. Every item undergoes a rigorous TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION process, ensuring its legitimacy. We take immense pride in providing you with a collection that reflects the latest trends, timeless classics, and unique collaborations, allowing you to express your personal style with confidence and flair

Luxity clients, we invite you to embark on a new chapter of your sneaker journey with Rare Step. From our founding teams diverse experiences and passion for high fashion and our unwavering love for sneakers, we have built a brand that merges the global sneaker culture with the authenticity of South African heritage. Our mission is to offer an unrivaled shopping experience that caters to your individual needs, whether you collect, wear, or invest in sneakers. With RareStep, you have found a trusted partner who delivers exceptional quality, authenticity, and exclusivity—all in one place. Embrace the RareStep lifestyle, celebrate your unique style, and make your mark on the world.