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The Most Iconic Chanel Handbags You Should Invest In

It is common knowledge that Chanel handbags are absolutely worth the investment. However, Chanel has a long list of iconic handbags, each one more stylish and beautiful than the next. And this makes it a bit difficult to narrow them down to the ones which would prove to be the best investment. That’s why we decided to choose our favourite investment pieces from the dreamy array of Chanel handbags

1) Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag

Chanel Flap Bag Mini, medium and maxi flap! The Classic Double Flap is the most easily recognised – and probably most iconic - Chanel handbag. After making its initial launch, the Classic Double Flap bag grows in popularity and price every year. With its minimalistic and classic features, holding onto a flap bag could produce quite a profit in the future!

2) The Chanel Boy Bag

Black Chanel Boy Bag A widely-acclaimed bag inspired by love, Chanel’s boy bag was inspired and named after Coco Chanel’s lover Arthur Capel, whose nickname was “Boy”. Minimalistic chic and well structured, the Boy bag is an excellent investment for years to come.

3) The 2.55 Bag (the Original Shoulder Bag)

Black Chanel 2.55 bag Undoubtedly one of the most well-known of all of Coco Chanel’s handbag designs, the 2.55 was the result of the designer’s desire to create a classic bag that was easy to carry around hands-free. It was updated and released in February 1955, hence the name “2.55.” Chanel released an exact copy of the original 2.55 in February 2005 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the original. The value of the 2.55 bag has increased in value by 70% in recent years, so while this bag might be extremely difficult to get second-hand, it is definitely worth the cost and the wait!

4) Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Chanel Grand Tote If you’re a handbag lover who likes an elegant yet roomier option, then the Grand Shopping Tote is a dream come true for you! Heartbreakingly, however, the Grand Shopping Tore was surprisingly discontinued by the fashion house despite its massive popularity. This makes it almost impossible to get your hands on and inevitably makes it one of the most covetable items in the pre-owned designer handbag market. At Luxity, we often get the above bags in-store, however, due to our long waiting list and the initial previews that we offer to regular clients on social media, the mentioned Chanel bags are often sold even before they make it to our online store! Ready to invest in gorgeous Chanel handbags, shoes and more? Then get shopping at Luxity now!