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Discussing the PYRAMID of Luxury Brands

There are a number of luxury brands that claim to be exclusive and unique, but we are interested in finding out how they stack up against each other. True luxury brands are able to successfully combine quality and pedigree attributes. Discounting is something they do not allow to be associated with their brand. Many of their items even increase in value and price over time due to meeting supply and demand as well as long waiting lists or sometimes for having been discontinued. Brands that tend to become too mainstream are seen as less desirable to higher-end clientele as they prefer a discreet and personal touch to their luxury items. We’ve compiled a luxury brand pyramid that depicts how well-known luxury brands range in accessibility: From the ultra-high-end luxury brands that provide a selection of rare diamonds to their clientele to lower-end “accessible” luxury like perfumes and fine dining. Luxury Brands Comparison Pyramid To be featured higher up on the luxury pyramid, brands need to be executed for the elite, finely crafted, unique, well-designed and packaged. The goal for any luxury brand is to retain the interest of the ultra-wealthy and to do this, their products and services need to be seen as incredibly personal but never ordinary. There are a couple of common characteristics that can be associated with higher-end clientele such as . . . ⦁ Customised solutions to mirror their unique lifestyle. ⦁ Pleasurable to receive extra attention from brands. ⦁ They also tend to lean towards unique items and experiences. ⦁ Aspire to an aura of exclusivity! High-end luxury brands are always striving to provide their clientele with the above experiences and their core philosophies are built on providing their customer base with an all-round luxury experience from the get-go. At Luxity, we strive to provide the South African market access to high-end and pre-owned handbags, shoes and accessory brands appearing on the pyramid.