Where to Find Louis Vuitton in South Africa

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Master trunk-maker and founder of Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton Malletier started out 165 years ago with only 2 stores in Paris. LV now has 456 stores all around the globe – and counting.

As demand for luxury in Africa grows exponentially, it’s with no surprise that we can now find Louis Vuitton in South Africa! We did a little write-up of where you can find brand-new and pre-owned Louis Vuitton near you.

Where to Find Louis Vuitton in Johannesburg

Louis Vuitton Sandton

Louis Vuitton Sandton

Find the first-ever Louis Vuitton store to ever grace us the ultra-fashionable Sandton City Shopping Centre in Johannesburg. With unique designs that combine innovation with style of the highest level, Louis Vuitton is the perfect addition to Johannesburg’s metropolis of fashion.

Complete with elegant finishings and an aura of luxury, the Louis Vuitton Sandton store is nestled away on the Upper Level.

Luxity Melrose Arch

Louis Vuitton Melrose Arch

As much as we’d all love to splurge on multiple brand new Louis Vuitton items (wondering what Louis Vuitton items cost?) all the time, the truth is that this hobby can get very expensive very quickly. Not to mention that many Louis Vuitton items are either limited edition or part of their beloved vintage ranges that cannot currently be found in stores. That’s where we come in at Luxity. Besides just offering a gateway to pre-owned & authentic Louis Vuitton items, we offer our client base an easy and secure to way to also sell their designer items.

Based in Sandton, our Melrose Arch flagship store is at the epicentre of an energetic hub of Afro-cosmopolitan glamour. Moreover, the Luxity store offers a high-end familial feel. 


Where to Find Louis Vuitton in Cape Town

Louis Vuitton V & A Waterfront

Louis Vuitton V&A Waterfront

Louis Vuitton is a favourite amongst Capetonian style mavens and fashionistas. Situated in the heart of the V & A Waterfront, the Louis Vuitton store can be found in the “golden mile”  of the mall, surrounded by other luxury favourites like Gucci and Burberry. 

The placing of the store is not accidental. The V&A is a central part of the amalgamation between European and South African culture and style. Therefore, quite fitting that LV chose this location.

This store is a favourite amongst both locals and tourists, all looking for a luxury escape. 

Luxity Cape Quarter

As with Johannesburg, the team at Luxity realised the need for alternative (but authentic) Louis Vuitton items in Cape Town.

Thus, Louis Vuitton items are available and easily accessed in the impeccably stylish Luxity Cape Quarter store. The Cape Quarter offers its client bases one of the most unique shopping experiences in South Africa. Carefully curated with a limited selection of stores, you’re sure to witness ultimate fashion and style in every store-front.

Where to Find Louis Vuitton Online

As much as we (and we’re sure Louis Vuitton) love hosting clients in store, we realise how busy life can get. However, Louis Vuitton does not yet ship to SA. 

Luckily, this is where the Luxity online store comes in. To ensure that we provide all our clients with ultimate convenience, we provide all our luxury services online. All website visitors are able to purchase or sell luxury items on our website with ease. Furthermore, we realise that shipping fees are always a hassle – that’s why we provide FREE shipping internationally.

Now that you know exactly where you can find Louis Vuitton items, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!