The Price of Louis Vuitton Handbags in South Africa

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It should be no surprise that Louis Vuitton is ranked as the world’s most valuable luxury brand. A favourite of many with its classic and modern styles, most can instantly recognise the LV monogram.

We took a look at a few of the brand’s most popular handbags in 2018, ranked by price.

Louis Vuitton Speedy – (R14,000.00)

LV Monogram handbag

The Speedy is considered by many the ideal entry-level bag into the Louis Vuitton brand. It is available in various sizes and prints – with the most classic style being the monogrammed canvas. Besides the iconic Louis Vuitton prints, the Speedy is also available in epi or Empreinte leather. As well as in many fun limited editions that change regularly.

We love the Speedy due to its classic shape and everyday feel! It’s spacious yet fashionable which makes it a classic for ages to come. For those who don’t want to carry a bag in their hands all day long, the Speedy Bandoulière version comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Price: The retail price for the Speedy starts around R14,000.00 depending on the material and, of course, size.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull – (R16,000.00)

LV Damier Handbag

Louis Vuitton’s most popular style, the Neverfull has been the most profitable bag the brand has ever created.

This classic is available in many different sizes, materials, prints, colours as well as limited editions – and is accompanied with a removable zipped clutch which matches the exterior of the bag.

What makes this bag so incredibly popular is definitely its roomy size and timeless style which makes it perfect for work, shopping, a night out or a day at the beach!

Price: The retail price for the Neverfull starts around R16,000.00 depending on the model.

Louis Vuitton Noé – (R20,000.00)

Designer handbag

Can you believe that the Noé bag was NEVER intended for everyday use? The modern classic was originally commissioned to hold champagne bottles!

This highly copied style is often referred to as the “bucket bag” and the straps and the inside of the bag are made out of cowhide.

This amazingly versatile bag comes with an adjustable strap and is one of the trendiest bags you should be investing in!

Price: Depending on the style, you can expect to pay a starting price of around R16,000.00 for the classic Noé or around R20,000.00 for the stylish new NéoNoé which comes in different colour-blocking options and is sure to make you stand out.

Louis Vuitton Capucines – (R60,000.00)

Black Capucines handbag

This gorgeous bag is named and inspired by the street in which Louis Vuitton opened its first store in 1854. With two large interior compartments, this French chic handbag is the Louis Vuitton equivalent of the Hermès Birkin – also at times featuring exotic materials such as python, corc or ostrich.

This versatile handbag can be carried on your hand, elbow or shoulder and is famous for its durability!

Price: You can expect to anything from a starting price around R60,000.00 for the Capucines (but can easily exceed the R100,000 mark).


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LOUIS VUITTON Leather Platform Boots Brown – S: 37.5 (4.5)

R 15,000.00 R 10,000.00
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LOUIS VUITTON Vernis Zippy Wallet Cerise

R 15,000.00 R 10,000.00
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LOUIS VUITTON Mahina Solar GM Ivory

R 47,000.00 R 30,000.00
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LOUIS VUITTON Leather Strappy Platform Sandals Orange – S: 38 (5)

R 14,000.00 R 8,000.00
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LOUIS VUITTON Denim Monogram Neo Speedy Blue

R 24,000.00 R 14,000.00
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LOUIS VUITTON Damier Azur Lovely Ballerina Flats – S: 39.5 (6)

R 12,000.00 R 6,000.00
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LOUIS VUITTON Leather Monte Carlo Loafers White – S: 40.5 (7)

R 10,000.00 R 6,000.00
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