The Most Popular Luxury Handbags in East and West Africa

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Two areas notorious for flaunting designer bags in bold colours are East and West Africa. From Lagos to NairobiEast and West Africans are even pairing our favourite luxury brands with their traditional wear – and we’re loving it!  
We’ve narrowed down the most popular bags for each booming city known for their chic (read: expensive) taste: 

Hermès Birkin Bags in Lagos, Nigeria 

Hermes Birkin Bag Crocodile Skin with Diamonds

The up-and-coming of Nigeria are as obsessed with Hermès Birkin bags as we are! Nigeria’s biggest cities, Abuja and Lagos, are especially known for their fashion industry brimming with cultural roots and bold colour palettes. Understatements are not an option in Lagos, so it’s more than appropriate that Hermès Birkin bags are the handbags of choice in Nigeria.

The Hermès Birkin bag is a prestigious and noteworthy addition to any outfit in Nigeria. The fact that the Birkin bag is actually an investment piece has also influenced the desirability of the bag. A Hermès handbag that appreciates in value? Who would say no? Definitely not luxury capital, Lagos!

Ladies of Lagos also adore the Chanel Boy bag. Between the Hermes Birkin and the Chanel Boy bags, these are some serious handbag goals! Paired with casual everyday wear or traditional attire, these bags can elevate just about any look you’re wearing.


Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Damier Ebene West Africa

Louis Vuitton is generally West Africa‘s (and most country’s – for that matter!)  favourite luxury brand. Whether it’s for the colour or the status symbol, Abidjan calls for the array of colours and textures of Louis Vuitton’s prestigious handbagsApart from the popular Neverfull bag, the Speedy bag in Damier Ebene is a crowd-pleaser of note. Between the absolute versatility of the chocolate brown print and the elegant overall design of the Speedy bag, we can’t tell you which makes this bag so esteemed in Côte d’Ivoire  

Louis Vuitton’s Alma bag is also a fashion favourite around the Ivory Coast. Possibly because it comes in Damier, Monogram, or Vernis and Epi leather in a spectrum of colours. With such options, it’s hard not to find one you adore! The Louis Vuitton Alma bag’s signature domed shape is one of the most important designs in modern handbag history. It was originally designed for Coco Chanel, so you naturally can’t go wrong with investing in one!


Prada Cahier Bag in Nairobi, Kenya 

Prada Cahier Bag Black White Nairobi Kenya

The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is becoming widely recognised as one of the main hubs of fashion. Nairobi is also on the map for economic growth in Africa. It goes without saying that with such growth and interest in fashion, there would be a natural demand for luxury goods!  

Kenya’s particular brand of preference happens to be Prada We can definitely understand why! Millennials and the rising middle class in Nairobi are choosing to adorn themselves with the likes of Prada Cahier bags. These bags let others know that you’re expensive, stylish, and travel often. Probably in that order too.  

Nairobi’s growing demand for pre-owned designer bags is interesting since there are no designer brick-and-mortars in the country. What’s even more intriguing in that regard, is that Kenyans also prefer Michael Kors handbags. The Michael Kors Sutton bag is a great everyday bag. A classic, structured bag in durable saffiano leather is something everyone needs.


Gucci Marmont Camera Bag in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Gucci GG Marmont Mini Matelasse Tanzania East Africa

Gucci has been making waves in Africa in general. However, Tanzania is exceptionally fond of the Gucci Marmont Camera bags! Whether in iconic Matelassé leather or vibrant shades of velvet, the Gucci Marmont range is a hot commodity in Dar Es Salaam. And on Luxity too!

The crème de la crème of Tanzania is probably the reason for the Gucci Marmont bag surge. Tanzanian influencers and local celebrities are flooding social media with variations of the Marmont line. Not to mention Hollywood’s biggest names, the Gucci Marmont bags are a wardrobe staple for most countries around the world.

We love the Gucci Marmont Camera bag, but the Matelassé leather belt bags are a chic and convenient grab-and-go option. We love that you can belt up your dress, jeans, or skirt with these bags and still fit in all your basic, everyday necessities. It’s perfect for social settings where handbags are a little inconvenient to carry. Or if you’re someone who loses a clutch – this one’s definitely for you.


Just when we thought South Africa was stylish, East and West Africa prove us wrong! Never fear though – Luxity ships worldwide AND we receive consistent influxes of authenticated Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and even Hermès Birkin bags! Visit the Luxity website to see all our latest luxury handbags. 

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