How To Authenticate Christian Louboutin Heels

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Christian Louboutin shoes are known for their elegant, feminine designs and instantly recognisable signature red sole. From the highest of high heels to studded loafers to classic espadrilles, authentic Louboutin shoes are expertly crafted from only the finest materials. There are many copycat manufacturers that attempt to imitate this excellent craftsmanship but it’s not and these imitators are failing.

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The Box

Louboutin shoes box

Although not every pair listed online comes with a shoebox, the box is often the first place to spot several of the tell-tale signs of a fake.

Christian Louboutin shoes come in a sturdy brown box that features the Christian Louboutin logo in crisp white text along with the text ‘Paris’ below on the bottom right corner. Remember to inspect that the typography is correct.

Additionally, the placement and font of the logo are also two very important aspects of the packaging. Authentic boxes will have a sticker with the style name, European size, barcode and Christian Louboutin Logo whereas fake products often don’t feature these details.

Authentic designer products only use the best quality materials from the actual Louboutin shoe down to the packaging. Copycats often use cheaper materials and do not pay close attention to the details. Loose cardboard paper that is not stuck down properly is a definite red flag!

Don’t forget that a real box can still hold fake shoes, so always look at each element of the packaging and product.

The Dust Bag

Authentic Louboutin dust bag

Inside the box should contain a cherry red dust cover, one large or two smaller bags, depending on the style of shoe you purchased. The dust bag should be high-quality felt or in soft cotton, fake dust bags are often made out of thinner and cheaper materials with raw edges and uneven stitching.

This cover should also contain the crisp black logo with the text ‘Paris’ on the bottom right. Please note that the logo doesn’t necessarily have to be centred. As with the box, it is important to note the spacing, font and placement of the logo on the dust cover.

In addition, fake dust bags tend to come in a variety of shades of red hues rather than the signature Louboutin cherry red. The opening of the dust bag will also have overlocked stitches and a black drawstring closure.

The Louboutin Shoe Sole

Authentic Louboutin Red Bottoms

A genuine Christian Louboutin red sole is always a bright red hue with a classy gloss finish. This signature red is very specific, so if you find Louboutin shoes with a different hue, then run! Fake red soles tend to come in different reds and have a matte looking finish rather than a glossy one.

We all know, there’s nothing better than the signature Louboutin red but if you’re unsure there are many images of authentic Louboutin shoes online, don’t be afraid to use your resources!

There is also the Christian Louboutin lettering inscribing on the red insole, so look out for the correct logo and lettering. Authentic Louboutin shoes will clearly have “Christian Louboutin,” “Made in Italy,” and the European size located on it. Be careful as fake shoes will often have “MadeInItaly” written as one word with no spaces.

Another thing to note is that authentic Louboutin shoes have red-painted leather rather than plastic, this means that the soles may scuff quicker. So, if you intend to buy a preowned pair then scuff marks are in fact an indicator that the shoes are the real deal!


Did you know? Christian Louboutin once sold baby blue bottoms. This was intended to provide the ‘something blue’ for brides-to-be.
However, this is now discontinued! See more interesting facts about Louboutins.

Quality Quality Quality

Christian Louboutin high quality shoes

The quality of the shoe is a dead giveaway. Louboutin shoes are manufactured in Italy and are extremely high quality. From the leather to the stitching, the placement of the embellishments – everything should be perfect! If the studs, glitter, sequins, or other details are less than perfect, it’s a very good chance that it’s a fake!

The leather should be of high quality and shaped perfectly. A tell-tale sign of a fake is low-quality leather where the uppers look rippled.

A popular replica style is to have a small black tip at the bottom of the heel. However, some authentic models have a black tip too. So, before purchasing, look up the brand and shoe model as a reference – usually a thicker tip is a sign of the real deal.

The Stitching

Louboutin craftsmanship

Authentic Louboutin shoes should have perfect and consistent stitching. These should be tight and uniform throughout the shoe. Many fake pairs have double stitching or wide and uneven stitches. The authentic stitching is evenly spaced, accurate, tight, straight and with a tidy finish.

The insole of the shoes should align with the side of the shoes and be sealed properly. As seen on the fake ones, the insole is cut unevenly.

Additionally, some replicas have a tab that overlaps on the top of the seam on the back. Authentic Louboutin shoes like Pigalle, Daffodile and So Kate don’t feature this. Look out for lines that are refined, sexy and feminine, as many fakes have bulky lines that do not feature in the always elegant Louboutin finish.

The Price Tag

Christian Louboutin Price Cost

Brand new and authentic Christian Louboutin heels generally retail between R 8 776 – R 23 403. If someone is selling brand new Louboutin shoes for R500, best believe it’s fake!

Even if you want to buy a pair of pre-owned Christian Louboutins, prepare to pay a pretty penny for a genuine pair. Yes, beauty does come at a hefty price sometimes, see the price of Christian Louboutins Heels, but we’re sure you’ll agree that it is well worth it! Between the high quality of genuine Louboutin shoes and the shoe envy from everyone else, these beauties practically pay for themselves!

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