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"The Promise of A Lifetime"

We believe in promoting the life cycle of sustainable fashion, by passing timeless luxury onto others.

Trust is the heartbeat of Luxity. It is what drives us and keeps our faith. Every day, it fuels our unrelenting commitment to bring you the most pristine, pre-owned luxury brands that we can put our stamp of approval on.

We package our trust, yours and ours in our Lifetime Authenticity Return Policy. Every item that we sell is accompanied with this promise, and if you ever prove that an item we sold to you is fake or counterfeit, you can return it for a 100% refund.

All we want is for women to experience first-hand what it feels like to walk with their shoulders tall, knowing they are wearing authentic investment pieces and doing so without breaking the bank.

Before any item is stocked to Luxity it is scrutinized by our in-house Luxury Brand Experts who are qualified in brand specific authentication. If our Luxury Brand Experts are uneducated about a brand that we receive, we simply do not stock the item.

Whether it is a Hermes Birkin Bag or a Louis Vuitton accessory, absolutely every item that comes through our doors is inspected and authenticated before it is listed on Luxity.


Steps to Follow:


Receive the item

Once your submission has been received, your photographs will be inspected by our Brand Luxury Experts specialising in the particular brand that you are selling.


Match the date codes/serial number or specific markings to the year/season the item was launched

Before any item is posted to our website it is checked, (then checked again) and scrutinized by our highly qualified Brand Luxury Experts who authenticate the items.


Ensure all lettering, codes (if applicable), materials and hardware are of manufaturers exacting standard

Each item undergoes brand specific tests that are conducted under the skill of our Brand Luxury Experts. If we are unsure about an item, Luxer will never stock it. Fake and counterfeit merchandise will never be sold through us.


Take the item for professional cleaning to remove any dirt and odours

Before any item is photographed and stocked to our inventory, it is cleaned with approved methods to revive the item. Although certain pre-owned flaws can never be removed – we do condition the item for its new owner and have it looking as new as possible.


Stamp the item with our stamp of approval

Every single item that is sold by Luxity is accompanied with our Luxity Authenticity Guarantee. We are so confident that we even give all our items a LIFETIME RETURN POLICY if you prove that any item/s purchased from Luxity is a counterfeit or fake for a 100% refund (including delivery costs).

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