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Iconic Men’s Luxury Brands

There are so many amazing brands that cater for luxurious and fashionable men, but which one is the best for your fit and style? Below, we've carefully curated a list of the very best designer brands for men, each unique and iconic in its own right. So, keep reading for everything you need to know about the most iconic men's fashion brands.





Founded in 1921, Gucci is best known for its extravagant style, luxurious textiles, and is easily recognisable for its iconic webbed stripes. Despite being over 100 years old, Gucci is still one of the leading fashion designer brands in the world for both men's and women’s fashion. 

But besides being a classy gentleman’s brand, it’s also quite trendy. Gucci’s current creative director, Alessandro Michele is known for putting a spin on classic designs and endorsing androgynous extravagance. If you’re looking for dapper styles with a little bit of creativity, then you NEED to check out Gucci’s men's collection. 

Tom Ford

Previous Gucci creative director, Tom Ford decided to take on the fashion world with his own eponymous brand. The Tom Ford Maison is known for impeccable tailoring and oh-so-sexy designs. In fact, the James Bond franchise is known to include classic Tom Ford suits in their 007 movies. 

But it doesn’t stop there, Tom Ford’s accessories including their sunglasses, belts, and wallets are always a good option to add a little pizzazz to your ensemble.


Known for its classic trench coats, iconic plaid pattern and exceptional quality, Burberry is definitely one of our favourite designer brands of all time. If you’re looking for versatile pieces that can be worn over and over without growing stale or looking outdated, then Burberry is definitely the go-to. What’s more, their fragrances collection is known as one of the best in the business.

Ralph Lauren

American fashion designer, Ralph Rueben Lifshitz (also known as Ralph Lauren) has always been a trendsetter. Since he decided to open his own label in 1967, it has been the pinnacle of luxurious men’s fashion. This men's luxury brand creates the most stylish apparel, accessories, and fragrances for men. However, they produce women's and children's fashion as well. The label continues to be the leader in the latest trends and always provides the best runway looks. If you’re into preppy and smart-casual clothing, then Ralph Lauren is a must!

Giorgio Armani

Every stylish man has at least one Giorgio Armani item in his closet. Armani is one of the biggest and most influential names in fashion, especially for its flawless high-end men’s suits. The Italian label is known for its classic pieces with a contemporary edge and, of course, is most famous for its world-class tailoring. For many, Armani is a symbol of success since the early 1980s and continues its legacy in the contemporary fashion world.

The brand also has a second label, dubbed 'Emporio Armani', targeted towards a younger audience.

Dolce & Gabbana

Since the age of 6, Domenico Dolce has been creating clothes, so it’s safe to say Dolce & Gabbana is passionate about what they do. Together with his partner, Stefano Gabbana, they are the kings of elegant fashion. Their men’s suits are always impeccably tailored with strong shoulders, aggressive peak lapels, which emphasize an athletic V-shaped silhouette. 

Additionally, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana also have a second line, simply known as ‘D&G’ for those who prefer more casual and trendy fashion.

Louis Vuitton

No luxury list is complete without Louis Vuitton. While the oldest and biggest designer fashion house is often associated with their monogrammed bags, trunks and cases, their fashion is still at the cutting edge of fashion.

Under the leadership of the late Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton has adopted an edgy yet luxurious streetwear image for their men’s fashion line. You can never go wrong with a little Louis Vuitton drip, we're absolutely obsessed with their men's luxury fashion line.

Alexander McQueen

Despite his passing in 2010, Alexander McQueen continues to live on in his thriving eponymous brand. The brand is famous for its sophisticated tailoring and gothic-inspired style. Designer Alexander McQueen was always obsessed with the finer details, a trait learned very early in his career at Savile Row. Of course, the brand continues to stay true to McQueen’s legacy.

If you’re looking for a suit with some creativity and edge then Alexander McQueen is definitely the men's luxury brand for you. 

Luxity Man

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