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How To Authenticate A Gucci Jackie Bag

The Jackie 1961 handbag has been a cult classic for decades. The Gucci bag was originally named the ‘Fifties Constance’ (based on the date it was invented), or at least until America’s first lady, Jackie Kennedy was spotted using the iconic bag to cover herself from the paparazzi in the 60’s. She is also famously known to hoard a great number of bags from the collection. However, because the Jackie 1961 is a must-have bag, many counterfeiters have tried to create copycats of the bag (pathetic, we know). If you were wondering if you’ve been tricked into buying an inauthentic bag, then keep reading for all the ways to authenticate a Gucci Jackie 1961 Bag. 


The Gucci Jackie 1961 Bag

The Gucci Jackie handbag is known as a cult classic, which is why many Gucci creative directors have brought. 

The Jackie handbag is so popular that it can be considered a cult classic. This is why many Gucci creative directors have brought it back time and time again. It was famously reinvented by Gucci creative directors Tom Ford in 1999 and Frida Giannini in 2009 and Alessandro Michele’s version has even been acknowledged as 2020’s bestseller. 




The Shape of a Gucci Jackie Bag

Counterfeit factories always fail to look into the finer details, whereas authentic luxury designers pride themselves on perfection. 

One of the quickest ways to authenticate a Gucci Jackie bag is by taking a look at the overall shape of the bag. Fake Jackie bags often create a rounder-shaped bag, while the original is more rectangular. What’s more, the bag does not curve downwards as much as it widens. 

Serial Numbers

The go-to factor of an authentic bag is usually the serial number tag. The back of the leather tag will have a  serial number stamp. Note that there will never be letters included in this serial number. However, it does vary based on the model.

Gucci uses 10-12 numbers in the two rows - with no more than six numbers in each row. The numbers in the first row show the style number and the numbers in the second row show the supplier code, and the factory where the product was manufactured. Naturally, these numbers may change because of the year of production or the type of the product. 

QR Codes

Gucci bags produced after 2016 have an additional label inside of the bag with a QR code. This code was created to fight against counterfeiters and instantly tell its authenticity. These are scanned with a smartphone and tell relevant information about the product.

They can be found on a small black fabric loop inside your Gucci bag. The code should be printed clearly in white font and a 10-digit code. Note that there is no stitching to the fabric. 


Because the Gucci Jackie handbag is so popular, the brand has come out with various models and materials. From GG canvas to leather and suede with web details, this bag has come in many combinations that show its significance to Gucci. It also has been offered in exotics such as python and ostrich, as well as limited edition pieces.

GG Supreme Canvas

Gucci Jackie bags with the Supreme Canvas style will feature the familiar pattern that has the iconic double G logo. Look out for the spacing of this pattern. The G on the left should be forward facing and the G on the right should be backward and upside down. Inauthentic bags often neglect consistency and have irregularities. Buy cheap, get cheap.

Premium Leather

Authentic Gucci Horsebit leather bags are made from the finest quality leather and craftsmanship so they should hold their shape and should not scuff easily. Authentic leather will have imperfections as natural materials are used and a musty smell. Whereas inauthentic bags look unnaturally perfect and smell of harsh chemicals. 

GG Jacquard Denim

Jackie bags made of Jacquard Denim is 100% cotton fabric. The GG logo can be seen consistently on the jacquard weaving. Gucci piece-dyes their fabric in order to give off the worn-out style.

The Gucci Jackie Stitching

The stitching should be very even, perfectly spaced and aligned. If there are any double stitches, torn stitches, knots in the thread, or loose stitches, then it’s probably inauthentic. The stitch length as well as the distance from one line to the other should all be uniform–nothing short of perfection. 

On a Gucci Jackie bag, the thread colour should be exactly the same as the bag itself. 

Gucci Packaging

This is rather obvious, but if you didn’t know, authentic luxury items DO NOT come in cheap, plastic packaging but in luxurious packaging. 

Both the box and the dust bag should have the Gucci logo. As mentioned before, minor details like the font should not be ignored!

Authentic Gucci products are sold with a few types of dust bags because the brand has changed its packaging over the years. The bags are either dark brown, light brown, black and more recently, natural-coloured dust bags. There is also a limited edition light blue dust bag in satin. The dust bags will have a silky smooth luxury feel with a drawstring on both of the top corners. Finally, there will be a tag located on the inside citing the materials used on the dust bag.

However, certain counterfeiters place inauthentic bags in authentic dust bags–so be thorough!


This particular Gucci bag does not have much hardware–but it’s still easy to identify luxury. It should be gold-plated or solid metal, heavy and engraved with Gucci’s signature branding along with the text “made in italy” in lowercase, evenly sized lettering. 

Some mistakes counterfeiters make here are:

  • They don’t pay attention to smaller details like the font and spacing of the text. 
  • Most fakers assume that all luxury brands are made in France.
  • An enlarged buckle.
  • Different colour metals such as rose gold, and cheap-looking gold hues.

So, do your research and don’t overlook the smaller details. 

The Gucci Jackie Handle

The Gucci Jackie bag has a handle that can be adjusted so that you can use it in different ways. An authentic Gucci Jackie bag should have a deep gold, sturdy and expensive-feeling buckle, rather than a matte and shabby clasp in light gold. 

Where To Buy Authentic Gucci Jackie 1961 Bags

If you’re looking for authentic Gucci items, you can visit one of Gucci's two brick-and-mortar stores in South Africa or trustworthy pre-owned stores like Luxity! So, you don’t have to go down dodgy alleys and wonder if they’re authentic or not. To shop, visit us at one of our three stores or shop online today.