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Fun Facts About Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is one of the few designer brands that continue to focus on functionality, versatility and good ol’ luxury. If Bottega Veneta is one of your favourite brands too, then you’ve got to keep reading.


You’re Probably Pronouncing It Wrong

Many English speakers tend to pronounce foreign luxury brands wrong. This Italian luxury brand is actually pronounced as ‘Bo-tay-ga Van-ah-ta’ rather than ‘Ven-ett-a’. 

Do You Know What 'Bottega Veneta' Means?

Bottega Veneta has a lustrous sound, but we bet you didn’t know that it directly translates to ‘Venetian Shop’. And in 1966 it was just a little shop in Vicenza, Italy. Even then they had created a name for themselves as makers of artisanal leather goods. 

Trendsetters Not Followers

Unlike other designer brands that are embellished with loud logos, Bottega Veneta produces such classy and timeless designs that you’ll only know it’s a Bottega bag if you’re in the loop. 

Designs Over Branding

Bottega Veneta is most known for their iconic ‘intrecciato’ design, especially found in their designer handbags. It's essentially a special technique for weaving leather strips together. Of course, this design has grown to be an essential motif of this brand.

Andy Warhol’s Muse

Amongst other famous artists and celebrities in the 80’s, Warhol was known for regularly shopping at the brand's New York boutique. In fact, he was so obsessed with it that he even produced a short film for Bottega Veneta. 

Where To Buy Bottega Veneta

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