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Designer Handbags

How to Ensure That Your Designer Handbags Last You For Years

Designer handbags are often referred to as investments – and rightfully so. A well looked after bag can last for years and even grow in value at times. However, like any other precious entity, handbags need to be properly looked after if you’d like for them to retain their mint condition for years to come.

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1) Store Your Handbag Carefully

Gucci Designer dust bag

Let’s say goodbye to haphazardly throwing our handbags into the back of our closets. Handbags should ideally be stored away in a cotton pillowcase or dust bags in an upright position.

To retain the shape of your bag, stuff it with a handbag insert or small pillow or scarves.

Even more importantly, handbags should NEVER be stored in vinyl or plastic, which will trap moisture inside. Remember to unclip any removable straps for long-term storage and cross the handles over to avoid wear on the bag.

2) Protect Your Handbags Lining

Caring for designer bag

Never place any liquids or cosmetics in your handbag without a pouch. This is including any pens, click pens or ones with caps. Save yourself from dreaded ink leaks.

3) Keep Your Handbag Out of The Rain

Celine handbag raincoat

Rainwater contains minerals and microscopic acids that could leave permanent stains on your bag, that is why when it’s raining, don’t carry anything with natural leathers.

4) Keep Your Handbags Metal Hardware Shiny

Chanel handbag cc

Any zippers or jewellery that could potentially damage the metal hardware of your handbag far away. Remove all dirt from handbag immediately to protect the handbag from looking tarnished or grimy.

5) Take Your Handbag to a Professional

Clean Chanel bag

Sometimes handbag care is just out of your hands and you need a professional. A professional will be able to treat, clean and restore the colour of your handbag for you. Now that you know of all the above tips, you’re ready for your next designer handbag purchase. Find pre-owned and authenticated handbags from the most coveted brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci) at Luxity today.