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8 Tips To Make Your Designer Handbag Last Long

Designer handbags are an investment and if you want to maintain your investment, you need to treat your bag with care. Yes, designer handbags are made with expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials that extend its shelf life. When you spend thousands of Rands on a handbag, you want it to maintain its value - if not to keep it, then to sell once again!

Keep reading for our hacks, storage tips and other designer handbag cleaning advice to ensure that your handbag lasts. 

1. Use A Handbag Liner

Never store liquids, cosmetics, or even pens without a pouch inside your purse. In fact, if you change your handbags often, it’s a good idea to use a handbag liner. Not only will your bag be protected from dust and stains, but you'll also get even more pockets for storing things, and a liner makes it easy to swap out bags quickly.

2. Don’t Overload Your Designer Bag

Just because you have a large handbag, doesn’t mean you should stuff it with unnecessary items. 

When you overload your designer handbag, it makes the bag heavier and can even cause permanent damage to the handles. What’s more, this could also cause your handbag to lose its initial shape and monetary value. 

3. Take Care of Spill & Stains Immediately

If something accidentally spills on your bag, take care of it as soon as possible. Today, most shoe and handbag stores now sell wipes that you can carry around with you as a quick and convenient solution for small accidents.

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4. Get A Professional Cleaning

Sometimes it’s just too far gone to clean up by yourself. It’s important to know when to consult a professional to treat, clean and/or restore your handbag before the stains set in for good. 

5. Keep Dustbags

Handbags should ideally be stored away in a dust bag and held in an upright position. If you’ve already chucked your dust bag, a clean cotton pillowcase can also work to preserve your designer handbag. 

PRO-TIP: Use pillows, scarves or even clothes to stuff your handbags in storage. This allows your handbag to maintain its original shape while you aren’t wearing it.

7. Store Away From Weather Extremes

While low humidity causes bags to mould, direct sunlight causes discolouration, tearing and impact on the bag’s original shape. So instead, neatly store it in a cool and dry place like a shelf or inside a cupboard without direct sunlight. Proper storage can even help maintain and preserve the quality of most designer bag materials.

Moreover, handbags should never be stored in vinyl or plastic, as it can trap moisture inside and cause a mould outbreak. Remember to unclip any removable straps for long-term storage and cross the handles over to avoid wear on the bag.

PRO-TIP: Keep the small sachet of silica gel to absorb excess moisture in the item. Keeping this can be useful in preventing dampness and mould growth that can come in the colder seasons.

8. Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean

Our hands touch so many things whilst on the go, collecting oils, greases and other dirt that can affect our precious handbags. If you’re not careful, these impurities can be absorbed into the bags and cause long-term damage. So, before you, or anyone else handles your bag - make sure their hands are clean! 

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