Spring Trend Forecast For 2019

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When it comes to trendy designer handbags, you already know that you’ve come to the right place. We present to you, our upcoming 2019 Spring trend designer handbag forecast.

So far, this year has shown the fashion world a whirlwind of trends. From giant, oversized handbags to the teeny tiny Jacquemus, we’ve certainly seen it all in the nook of models’ arms on the runway and in street fashion trends. So, we can almost guarantee that there’ll be something that suits your personal style down to the ground!

See more for our top 8 luxury bag trend forecasts for Spring 2019:

1. Snap Clasp Bags

Snap Clasp Bags

We love clasp bags because they give off a special air of old-timey nostalgia to our grandmother’s snap clasp handbag. But who knew that granny’s little coin purses could be so cool and trendy! We saw these handbags strutting down the runway in both tiny coin purse size as well as small-medium sized bags – and we’re obsessed with them both!

This effect was perfectly embodied in the elegant Elie Saab runway with a little purse in red covered in a golden design along with a snap clasp and chain.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s runway also showcased these adorable clasp handbags in different styles. This includes small, white, cross shoulder purses that were decorated with fun tassels!

We also saw the designer handbag collector and fashion mogul, Victoria Beckham, also rock a classy, sleek version of the coin purse in white leather.

2. The Lanyard Spring Trend

The Lanyard Spring Trend

Ever since the fanny pack trend started last year, tourist accessories are in style! So, we’re sensing that the lanyard trend will skyrocket in the spring season.

This design is cute as well as practical, you can’t deny its usefulness! These purses are perfect to hang around the neck and pop in your passport, aeroplane ticket and a bit of foreign currency. Remember ladies, less is more especially with recent fashion trends.

Burberry on the Spring 2019 runway with two little passports and cardholders strung on a cord. This unconventional design is such a vibe!

Accessory designer, Gabriela Hearst, serves looks with square and even double-strapped in some snakeskin numbers on the runway this year.

3. The New Clutch

The New Clutch

If you’re someone that always carries along her entire makeup collection, extra tissues, extra hair ties, charger, sanitizer and so much more ‘just in case’ then, bag ladies, this is the trend for you! These enormous tote bags are here to make toting around all your extras super easy and convenient in Spring 2019.

You might be wondering what’s the difference between this Spring trend and your mom’s oversized handbags? Well, these bags aren’t just known for their huge size, they come with a few new styling mandates. Handles on oversized bags are officially passé. The new rigueur is the crook of the arm clutch and we’re in awe!

Oversized clutch-able bags are definitely a Spring trend that you can expect soon, so why not be ahead of the game and shop them now? We know you want to!

5. Single Loop Handle Bags

Single Loop Handle Bags

The single-handled loop handbag showcases a style that is clean and sophisticated. It is often designed as a simple, feminine and highly structured bag. The top handle loop makes it easy to carry around all your essentials. We’re loving this style, especially in luxe leather.

This understated and innovative design has already started drawing eyes, so we expect to see more of it in the coming Spring season. Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Dion Lee, and Adeam released single-handle bags that are already showcasing these fetching purses on the runway.

6. Miniature Duffle Bags

Miniature Duffle Bags

“Duffle bags, but make it fashion!”

We’ve spotted this trend all over the Spring 2019 runways so we’re sure that this adorable design will be spreading like wildfire soon. I mean, who could resist a handbag that is stylish AND practical? Not us!

This duffle bag made with clasps and leather is a romantic bag for the upcoming season. Simply stuff all your belongings and rush off to your Spring adventures!

Top designer labels like Coach, Versace and Calvin Klein debuted miniature versions of your fave weekenders and successfully made the silhouette cool for everyday wear. Thank the fashion gods!

We’re embracing the cylindrical shape in addition to the boxier styles of recent fashion trends.

7. Fuzz and Fringe

Fuzz and Fringe

Have some fun with fashion with this Spring trend! Fringe, fuzz and tassels have been making its rounds on the runways and we’re loving it. It’s simply not enough to cosy up in a shearling jacket or fuzzy-lined boots, you’ll need a furry handbag too!

This trend made an interesting appearance on the Spring 2019 runways. Sonia Rykiel showcasing lush tassels at the end of crochet purses were a great way of showing multiple summer trends reinvented.

We’re all for that ‘extra’ look and so are the recent fashion trends! A bag on the Valentino runway could have just been a simple brown leather handbag, but it was covered in fringe embellishment all over.

8. Drawstring Top

Drawstring Top

The drawstring top on purses predate all other handbag closures and are the embodiment of simple, low-tech design. They fit perfectly into a boho nostalgia theme that is making its way onto runways.

Our favourite is the drawstring-top bag from the Etro runway. This brown handbag is designed in a typical saddle shape but with modern orange leather. The subtle paisley design on leather really topped things off for us. We also loved the elegant drawstring bucket bag at Balenciaga made of white leather that resembled cracked china.

However, drawstring bags have more of a sporty reputation these days. The Spring 2019 bags at Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney kept some of the athleticism of a drawstring handbag but were designed with a leather finish to give them an elegant touch.

We’re loving this simple yet classic design!

Have you noticed any other handbag trends making an appearance recently? Shop Luxity for the latest and greatest designer handbags that you need to get your hands on pronto!

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