How to Authenticate Prada Handbags

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The house of Prada being as iconic as it is, one can almost understand why there are so many fakes out there in the fashion wilderness. Unfortunately, these knock-off Prada handbags are often sold for more money than they’ll ever be worth.

The worst part? Hard-working fashionistas end up being ripped off, and utterly unaware of it until they attempt to resell their item to an authentication focused store (yes, like us).

Prada or Nada?

Prada or Nada

There is absolutely nothing worse than falling in love with a ‘designer’ handbag and purchasing it only to find out that it is nothing more than a counterfeit, merely a shadow of the plush luxury item you thought you were buying — a shattered dream. We know. It hurts, but don’t be disheartened.

Your loyal authenticators Luxity have your back! Together, we’ll knock out these knock-off peddlers and help you slay the way we do – authentically!  

Learn to distinguish between Posh Prada and Nonsense Nada.

Your First Glance 

First Glance At A Prada Handbag

Whether you’re purchasing your item in a store, from a friend or online, remain focused enough to look at what you’re buying. Online stores should have a magnifying feature. Use it.

As with most things in this glorious life, the devil is in the details. You need to look at the stitching lines. Designer brands do not neglect quality. It is what makes designer luxury items such a great investment! Moreover, they can be resold without a monumental loss and some even increase in value over time. Are you thinking of selling your original Prada items? Sell to us!

Back to details, every Prada stitch should be consistent. All the metal on the bag at hand should be the same colour unless the bag was initially designed to have silver and gold metallic detail. Note that even if a Prada bag has signs of wear, wear cannot change the colours of the metal.

Prada silver will remain silver, the same with gold.

Keep in mind that style is symmetrical – and each detail will match the next. If anything is misaligned, disproportionate or lopsided – run. Prada is perfection. Dull leather? Run. Smells like plastic? Run. Feels cheap? RUN. Trust your senses.

The Prada Logo

The Inscription

Looking at the Prada Logo

As one of the oldest fashion houses still in operation, Prada has a very distinct logo. It is important to note that the Prada logo has remained VERY much the same over the last 106 years.

The best thing you could do is take note of what the font looks like, the date, the spelling and the coat of arms at the point of the logo. Fakes would say ‘Milan’ rather than ‘Milano’ or get little things like the coat of arms or year wrong. Incorrect spacing is also a dead giveaway.

The Spacing

the spacing on the prada logo

Next, look at the ‘R’ on the logo tag. The right leg of the ‘R’ on modern bags should have a gap between the ‘R’ loop and the ‘R’ leg.

Counterfeit items are usually done with less precision so if ever you pick up a Prada handbag – ensure that you’re able to see the R’s print. To avoid this tell-tale sign of a shady situation, fraudsters have tried to imitate the gap and failed. As a result, if any of the letters are too sharp; it’s most likely a fake.

Check out the stitching in the image above! See what we meant about Prada and Perfection?

One last thing regarding the lettering, the R’s on vintage Prada Handbags do not have the gap but note that the rest of the letters have remained the same. As a rule, only purchase vintage items that have been authenticated accurately.

The Colour

Colour of Prada Logo

In addition, the Prada logo is almost always black, but it has been known to ‘show up’ in colours like gold and white. The change in colour is to make the logo stand out as much as possible.

The logo’s colour is decided in contrast with its background.

The logo is an excellent example of a design philosophy that stresses elegance over excess as well as simplicity over complexity. Moreover, because the authentic logo is so easy to spot, mistakes are a dead giveaway.

The Prada Stitch

Inspect the Prada Stitch

Check the seams of the handbag! Prada has a very distinctive angled stitch pattern. This means that every Prada is stitched the same way. Moreover, a fake Prada handbag would have chaotic, misaligned or too obviously processed stitching.

The typical genuine Prada seam is small, clean and perfectly aligned. Furthermore, it is important to note the uniformity of the thread stitch length.

Additionally, check the inner lining. The lining should be printed with the Prada logo on a contrasting colour. If the inner lining has a different colour or pattern, the bag is a fake. Some fake Prada bags have a similar lining, but another word printed on it.

Counterfeiters are often sloppy. As a result, EVEN “Prada” is often misspelt. Check the inner pockets of your Prada bag,

The inner lining in spurious pockets is often noticed by the fact that it is slightly crackling with the hand in it. In non-visible plastic sewing patterns, non-visible plastic sewing patterns may have been left behind. A real Prada does not crackle, snap, or pop!

The Hardware

Hardware on Prada HandbagMatching Metal

Prada uses two different tones for hardware – gold and silver – but will never mix the tones on one bag. It’s normal for the gold tone to tarnish over time. Prada typically stamps all hardware. So, the zipper metal should be identical to that on the logo and straps. ‘Prada Milano’ is often inscribed on the zipper too.

The Zippers

Zipper on prada handbag

Zippers, snaps, clasps, buckles and feet should all be stamped with ‘PRADA’ in the proper font. Zippers should have the logo on one side and the zipper company on the back side.

Furthermore, the zipper must have one of the Zip company names on it. Prada uses YKK, Riri, Opti, Ipi, and Lampo to manufacture all their zippers EXCLUSIVELY.

Fancy Factory Code

Prada Factory Code

All authentic Prada handbags come with a factory code, a small square white tag with a sequence of numbers on it. Note that some fake Prada bags will come with a factory code, so if one is present that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s real.

Luxity Loves Authenticating Prada Handbags

At Luxity, Pretty Prada is a favourite! Of course, our authentication process ensures that every Prada bag we buy and sell is 100% authentic – no matter what! Are you wondering which Prada item to purchase next? Read up on The Price of Prada in South Africa! There is no need to head home with a fake designer item ever again!

For all your Prada needs and desires, shop Luxity!

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