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6 Reasons Why We Love Celine Bags

While other LVMH brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior bags tend to scream logomania, Celine bags exude elegance and minimalism that no other brand does quite as well. Take a look at some of the reasons why we love Celine handbags.

1. Celine is a Frontrunner in The Luxury World

Although most of Celine’s handbag success comes from Phoebe Philo’s time as creative director, Celine continues to create iconic handbags under Hedi Slimane’s reign. Some of Celine’s latest must-have bags include the Triomphe bag, the Celine 16 and the C bag, to name a few. 


2. Celine Bags Are An Investment

Certain items, such as the Luggage tote, remain popular - even after a decade. Thus proving that Celine bags cannot only stand the test of time but are worth the investment as well.

Vintage Celine bags, especially items that have been discontinued, can be even more valuable than brand new bags. These items are worth a pretty penny on the pre-owned market and can even outperform their original retail price. Moreover, Luxity’s state of the luxury market report in Africa revealed that Celine holds the top third position for the highest investment return on a luxury bag in South Africa.

3. Celine Represents Feminine Minimalism

Although designer brands like Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton tend to produce loud logomania, it isn’t for everyone. Celine is renowned for a feminine, minimalistic style that no other luxury brand possesses. The brand is responsible for some of the most coveted designer bags in the world such as the Luggage tote and the Belt bag, to name a few. These items do not have overtly obvious branding, yet we all know which company they belong to. This is exactly what sophisticated consumers crave. 

4. Celine Bag Quality

Every one of LVMH’s brands embodies luxurious quality and Celine is no exception. In fact, Celine is renowned for producing handbags using incredibly rare materials including crocodile, python, cobra, lizard, and stingray leather. Of course, the more exotic they are, the more you’ll pay but they’re worth every cent. 

5. Celine Bag Details

The true test of quality is not only in its exterior but rather in its interior. Many brands tend to cut corners on the interior by avoiding expensive materials and saving time; the high craftsmanship on the exterior tends to differ in the hidden details. However, every Celine bag owner will tell you that their handbags hold the same high quality and are soft and luxurious. So, when we say that all Celine bags are made with exceptional attention to detail, we mean it. In fact, if you consider all the craftsmanship that goes into every aspect of the bag, its high price tag certainly makes more sense.

6. Celine Bags Are Cult Classics

Celine handbags are a must-have item. Take the iconic Luggage tote, for instance, this handbag was launched in Phoebe Philo’s Spring 2010 collection. While it was readily available at first, it soon became the iconic must-have. Over the years the bag has been introduced in many sizes and versions, some of which are longer available. Even today, everybody still wants to get their hands on this bag, whether they’re designer bag aficionados or a-list celebrities.


So, if you’re a luxury handbag collector and you don’t have at least one Celine handbag, then you’re doing it wrong. Iconic Celine handbags such as the Luggage tote and the Belt bag are cult classics.

Where To Buy Celine Bags in South Africa

High quality and timeless paired with modern and sleek designs form a love affair that will last forever. View our selection of Celine bags, shoes, and sunglasses to add to your luxury collection today.