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The Most Iconic Celine Bags of All Time

For as long as they’ve been producing bags, Celine bags are considered as an ultimate investment piece and a must-have amongst fashion connoisseurs. Take a look at our favourite Celine handbags to invest in.


The Luggage Tote

The Celine Luggage tote is one of the most recognizable handbags of all time. It was first released in 2010 under the creative direction of Phoebe Philo. Once the Olsen twins were spotted wearing the iconic Luggage tote, it quickly became a cult favourite. This Celine bag has been a must-have for over a decade, so it’s safe to say it’s a forever piece. 

The Celine bag’s design is a timeless classic combined with endless functionality. It has a large squared bottom with flap out winged sides, which gives you extra room. It’s also adorned with a front zipper and two top handles. Once the Luggage Tote became popular, they released 4 extra sizes. From smallest to largest, they are called Nano, Micro, Mini and Medium. The ‘Phantom’ Luggage tote has been discontinued, so you’ll only be able to find it on the pre-owned market. Additionally, it’s available in different materials including calf leather, calf nubuck, crocodile, textile and linen and comes in different colourways: solid colour, bicolour and tricolour.

The Belt Bag

The Celine Belt bag launched in the brand’s Spring 2015 collection and can only be described as a minimalistic masterpiece. This item is yet another amazing Phoebe Philo creation. Today it’s known as one of the most popular “old Céline” minimalist and sophisticated styles among celebrities and fashion lovers. The most distinctive part of this handbag is the tied belt detail decorating the flap. Hence, the ‘belt bag’ name. 

Originally, it was only available in two sizes. However, today you can purchase these Celine bags in four sizes namely: Pico, Nano, Micro, and Mini.

The Celine Classic Box Bag

If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated everyday bag, the classic Celine box bag is it. Many know that the box bag was first launched in 2011 but few know that it’s actually a re-designed version from Celine’s 70’s archives. While the shape of the re-issued Celine Classic Box Bag is almost identical to its predecessor, Phoebe Philo did change the closure from a vintage Celine logo to a more simplistic metal clasp - as minimalism was her vision for the brand before leaving. 

The bag has a box-like silhouette, hence the obvious name. It’s most commonly made with calfskin but it’s also made in exotic leather including crocodile, python, cobra, lizard, and stingray. Lastly, it’s only available in small and medium sizes. 

The Triomphe Bag

The Triomphe bag is one of the youngest babies on this list. However, it honours the brand’s origins with an old, 1970’s Celine clasp motif. The former logo is known as the Blazon Chaîne and is inspired by a famous Parisian landmark, the Arc de Triomphe (Hence the bag’s name). Celine’s current creative director, Hedi Slimane then reused the logo to create this masterpiece in 2018. 


The Triomphe shares some of the same boxy silhouette, cross-body fit and flap finish safe for the iconic logo that makes it feel entirely different from all of its predecessors

Celine 16

The Celine 16 was designed on Hedi Slimane’s very first day in the house. Its name comes from the location of Celine’s very first store and now headquarters in 16 Rue Vivienne in Paris, the Celine 16 bag was designed by Slimane on his very first day as the new creative director at Celine. The handbag is strikingly feminine and recaptures some of the House’s historic codes from the 60’s, such as the cropped flap as well as rounded and belted effects. 

Available in three different sizes and various leather types and colours to choose from. But Celine continues to expand the range by releasing new iterations of the style such as the Celine Soft 16 and Besace 16 bags.

Where To Find Celine Bags in South Africa

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