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Brand History & Legacy

Louis Vuitton’s Renowned Alma Bag

The iconic Alma from Louis Vuitton dates to the 19th century. Making it truly iconic in each decade, as women all over the world are granted ability to be elegantly stylish. It has been crafted in over 40 colours of Epi leather, Monogram Vernis, and in Damier. The Alma comes third in popularity, right after its’ sisters the Speedy bag and Neverfull. LV Alma bags Wouldn’t it be a dream to have an iconic bag named after you? Well, you’re in luck! Louis Vuitton bags are always named after people or places, maybe one day your dreams could come true. The Alma bag is respectively named after the Alma bridge that intersects Avenue Montaigne and the Seine River in Paris, France. LV Alma bridge Gaston Louis Vuitton represents the third generation of the Louis Vuitton family. Living up to his family name, in 1934 he refined the classic Alma bag. The Louis Vuitton brand had plenty of artistic collaborations under Gaston’s direction and embraced his design styles that were cutting edge and trendy. LV Stephan Sprouse designs Some of the favourite artistic collaborations of the Alma bag are the urban graffiti designs of Stephan Sprouse and the whimsical characters of Takashi Murakami. Through the different designs, the Alma continues to be the perfect bag. It embodies seamless craftsmanship as well as functionality, sliding through seasons and decades with poise. Alma Coco Chanel Story has it that the iconic Alma bag was created for the legendary Ms Coco Chanel, and only later was it allowed for public distribution. Goes to show how flawless the Alma is, it’s as modern now as it was in the 19th century. Proving its precision and seamless craftsmanship, throughout time, the most recent rendition of this bag is the red monogram created in 2015. I’m sure you are dying to get hold of this beauty? Well, you’re in luck! Luxity has an extensive collection of Louis Vuitton handbags, shoes, watches and more.