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Why You Should Never Buy Fake Designer Items

There is no doubt that luxury designer items can come with a hefty price tag. We are, however, firm believers that, no matter how tempting it may be to purchase a fake replica of the dreamy Louis Vuitton handbag or Hermes scarf you’ve been eyeing, it’s not worth it. Buying a counterfeit designer item is wrong for many different reasons, and we’re here to explain why.

By Purchasing Fake Designer Products You May Be Funding Crimes

While you may be completely unaware of this, many fakes are flooded into the market by organised gangs who then use this cash flow to fund pretty horrendous crimes. Is your fake Prada bag really worth the purchase if the proceeds go towards funding drug smugglers or human sex traffickers?

Replica Items Are Very Obviously FakeFake Hermes bags

No replica making factory or sweatshop pays the same kind of attention to detail that an original designer house does. Anyone who knows even a little bit about the brand you’re carrying will instantly see that it’s a fake. Many replicas display poor quality of fabric, uneven stitching and obvious logo mistakes.

Buying Fake Items Contributes to Theft

Never Buy Fake 'Designer' bags Every time you indulge in a fake designer item or you’re feeling tempted, know that you’re taking money from a company or person who came up with those designs and invested money in developing the original product you love. It’s never cool to support someone who blatantly copies the work of another for their own profit. If you really love an item, save up for it. Or make use of platforms like Luxity, where you can purchase pre-owned, authentic designer items in excellent condition and at a huge discount!

Replica Items Are Generally Really Bad Quality

Quality vs counterfeit handbags You can bet that fake goods are bound to be of much lesser quality than the original. While original designer items may come at quite a high cost, you can rest assured that items like a Chanel handbag will last you for years (if not decades!) and also most likely increase in value as you pass it on to future generations. If you’re buying a Chanel handbag from someone who claims it’s real, here’s how you can authenticate it! It’s highly likely that the “leather” on a fake bag will either crack or the zip will break, which doesn’t make it worth considering all the points we discussed above. If you’re afraid of buying a fake designer bag off Gumtree or eBay – read a few of our tips on how to avoid buying a fake designer handbag. At Luxity, we ensure that all items we purchase go through a strict authentication process and we provide all clients with a lifetime authentication guarantee. Which means, that if ever (99.99% unlikely) you do get sold a counterfeit designer item from our store and you can show us why, we’ll refund you, no questions asked!