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How To Avoid Buying a Fake Designer Handbag

There’s nothing worse than excitedly purchasing a handbag online only to find out that it’s a fake designer handbag instead of the authentic bag you thought you ordered. As the trend of purchasing designer bags online and offline grows, so do the risks involved. It is essential to be cautious of third-parties when buying high-end designer handbags and purses. At Luxity, every handbag goes through a rigorous authentication process with our team. We’ve put together a few tips just in case you find yourself in possession of an expensive bag with a less than perfect history. Make use of the following criteria to assist you to tell the original bags from the fraudulent. Please note that the points listed below are just basic guidelines and may vary from designer to designer.

Your Designer Handbag Should Display High-End Workmanship

Hermes Craftsmanship Look out for imperfections as nothing less than perfection can be expected from a high-end designer handbag. A fake designer handbag will be prone to having inconsistencies in stitching or breaks. Loose threads are a definite warning sign and should not be ignored as incidental damage. It’s also important to check for fabric consistency inseams, like the quilting in a Chanel bag or the pattern in a Louis Vuitton bag. A designer bag would never be sold if the branding or brand name was not correctly represented, even at incidental points along the seams.

Check for Spelling Errors on Designer Handbags

Authenticating Louis Vuitton Luckily for consumers, counterfeiters rarely aim for perfection and tend to slip at the most apparent moments satisfied with just about passable items. This makes spelling mistakes (especially on the inside of the bag) common. On that note, you may also want to familiarize yourself with fonts as every luxury brand has a specific font. The round O’s in Jimmy Choo and the short crossing lines on the T’s in Louis Vuitton are just two examples that are often overlooked by counterfeiters. Learn how to authenticate Louis Vuitton handbags here.

Look at the Place of Manufacture on the Designer Handbags

Chanel Label Again, replicas are rarely made with the intention to be perfect. Counterfeiters tend to slip up on their research. As an example, Louis Vuitton manufactures particular lines in Spain and as such the bags are labelled “made in Spain.” A knock-off artist often assumes that all Louis Vuitton bags are made in France and marks them that way. Furthermore, many designer brands like Louis Vuitton make use of a heat stamp for their logo and “made in..” stamps so that the texture is immediately noticeable.

Expect High-Quality Designer Material

Designer Quality Materials While high-quality material is a strong indication of authenticity, it is not always a simple one to pick out. Many counterfeiters treat a fake designer handbag with weathering chemicals to make them temporarily mimic the original item. The wise thing to do would be to check for unique features for specific lines and products. For example, a Louis Vuitton bag with a leather trim won’t be fully leather, rather it’ll be a coated canvas bag with a leather trim that is neither oily nor sticky. Chemical counterfeits tend to make bags slippery due to low-grade masking.

Study The Handbag for Designer Lining

Louis Vuitton inside As mentioned above, counterfeits are lazy with all the precision details we have come accustomed to with high-end designer items and tend to neglect the inside of the bag. Counterfeits are often made by looking at photographs which leads to discolouration and mistakes. Tolerate no colour variation when it comes to lining and google the exact colour it’s supposed to be. As appealing as buying a bag online sounds, it can come with its set of risks. That’s why it is absolutely vital that you only shop for designer items through online stores that provide an authenticity guarantee. At Luxity you can purchase designer handbags without any worry as every single one of our items comes with a lifetime authenticity guarantee.