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Brand History & Legacy

10 Interesting Facts About Jimmy Choo

Every fashionista knows that Jimmy Choos are part of the holy grail of designer high heels. However, few people know about the interesting history of the iconic brand. Keep reading to learn more about Jimmy Choo shoes. See the price of Jimmy Choo items in South Africa.

1. Humble Beginnings

Jimmy Choo History Just like his father, Choo followed in his father’s footsteps (literally) and became a shoemaker. He reportedly made his first pair of shoes when he was only 11 years old! However, it was only at the Cordwainers Technical College in London (now part of the London College of Fashion), where Choo perfected his shoemaking skills.

2. Lucky Shoes

Jimmy Choo Shoes His first shoe label began in 1983 and was originally dubbed ‘Lucky Shoes’! But it wasn't until 1986 that he rebranded his work under the iconic self-titled label.

3. Jimmy Who?

Jimmy Chow Believe it or not, the designer’s real surname is Chow not Choo. This was actually due to an administrative mistake on his birth certificate! Who knew a world-renowned luxury name would ever be accredited to a simple typo?

4. Micheal Kors Owns Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors In 2017, Micheal Kors bought the brand for approximately $1.2 billion! Jimmy Choo, Micheal Kors Collection and Versace is now apart of the 'Capri Holdings' parent company.

5. The First-Ever Jimmy Choo Store

First Jimmy Choo store Although Jimmy Choo has been a designer for many years, it was only in 1996 where he opened his first official ‘Jimmy Choo’ store in Motcomb, London.

6. He Believes in Feng Shui

Jimmy Choo Feng Shui In fact, Choo had a feng shui master from Malaysia flown in to assess his store near Harvey Nichols in London. He was then advised to make sure that the cash register faced away from the door. The reasoning behind this was so that the money would not walk out!

7. Celebs Love Choo Shoes

Princess Diana Jimmy Choo Shoes Although, it’s not surprising to see your favourite celebrities rock Choo shoes on the red carpet or even in movies. However, one of the first celebrity to showcase these high heels were the unforgettable Princess Diana. She was a well-known fan of his work and later they became great friends. In fact, Choo kept the last pair of gold pumps he finished for her the day following her tragic accident as a loving memory of his royal friend.

8. A Film Favourite

Jimmy Choo in Legally Blonde If you watch closely, you’ll be able to spot a total of 63 different pairs of fabulous hand-made Jimmy Choos in the film Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde.

9. He Created High Heels Inspired by Artists in Kushima, Japan

Jimmy Choo Kushima, Japan In 2014, Choo made six pairs of high heels using materials native to Fukushima such as Aizu cotton and lacquerware and Kawamata silk. Choo was apparently inspired by Fukushima craftsmen and materials after visiting workshops in the area and made shoes to promote the artists who were struggling to rebuild their lives after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. Later, the shoes were donated to a local organisations in Fukushima after being exhibited.

10. He’s Actually Malaysian

Jimmy Choo Awards Jimmy Choo is known as one of the most successful Malaysian businessmen and he has received numerous awards to show for it! This includes the honourable ‘Dato’ title he received from the Sultan of Malaysia in 2000 as well as ‘World's Outstanding Malaysian Designer’ at the 2001 Design for Asia awards. If you dream of owning your very own Jimmy Choo shoes, but don’t want to pay for a plane ticket to one of the few countries with an authentic store, view our range of gorgeous pre-owned Choo shoes and get shopping!