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Where To Find Prada In South Africa

No matter what style aesthetic you have, every true fashionista loves Prada and every fashion-lover from the divas to the devils want to wear it! Prada’s iconic bags, shoes and accessories are to die for! Each of their high-end beauties add the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi to every OOTD. The luxury brand was founded by Mario Prada, and the first-ever Prada store opened in 1913 in Milan. Today, there are 666 branches around the world! Unfortunately, like many other top luxury brands, it can be hard to find in South Africa, especially since their only South African store closed recently (Thanks a lot CoVID-19!). So, we’ve put together a nifty guide on where to find and buy Prada in South Africa.

Where To Find Prada in South Africa

Prada Store in South Africa On the 2nd of May, the first and only Prada store in South Africa, located in Johannesburg Sandton Mall closed its doors for good. W24 added in their Prada To Nada article: “It was the only Prada store in the country, and one of only a handful on the continent, including a store in Angola and two stores in Morocco. Earlier this year, Reuters reported that 24 out of 64 Burberry stores in China shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Later, Prada closed a few of its stores in mainland China and Macao, saying they’re putting the health of their workers first. However, SA is fortunate to still have Burberry stores for now, but for those who, much like us, are saddened by Prada's exit, there's Luxity. Luxity is an e-commerce outlet that sells pre-owned authentic luxury items. Peruse their page for some coveted Prada accessories, shoes, and handbags - we've already added this Leather Antik Bowler Bag to our wish list.” 

Where To Find Prada in Johannesburg

Luxity Nelson Mandela Square

Luxity Johannesburg As much as Prada gets us all giddy, collecting authentic Prada items can be quite expensive. Besides exchange rates and import duties add quite a substantial amount to already pricey items. That’s where Luxity makes a grand entrance. Luxity buys and sells pre-owned authenticated Prada items. Luxity’s luxurious flagship store is situated in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton and it oozes dynasty and glamour in a way that only a Luxity store could. If you’re a fashionista in Johannesburg, then store is a must! Stocking 100% authentic designer goodies including your fave – Prada, of course! Best of all you can find many more brands available all under one roof!

Where To Find Prada in Pretoria

Menlyn Maine Central Square

Luxity Menlyn Maine Pretoria Pretoria isn't just the capital of the country, it's South Africa's shopping capital too! Luxity is appropriately positioned in Pretoria's world-class sustainable neighbourhood, the Menlyn Maine Central Square precinct. Here, you'll find bespoke ready-to-wear fashion in luxury boutique-style stores that is reminiscent of worlds finest fashion capitals. Whether you come by to shop Prada, consign your luxury accessories or simply just to admire our extensive designer sunglasses wall, Luxity Menlyn Maine will be happy to have you!

Where To Find Prada in Cape Town

Luxity Cape Quarter

Luxity Store In Cape Quarter Are you a fashionista that wants to stay stylish, despite all the drama? Then Luxity is your best friend! Luxity’s Cape Town branch is situated in the Cape Quarter Mall and is the number one-stop-shop for everything luxury when you want to buy (or sell) authentic pre-owned designer items (including Prada) in excellent condition. Influential, innovative, and progressive, the Cape Quarter offers the most personalised retail experience. Housing over 100 unique boutique stores and restaurants. Of course, your darling Luxity simply had to grace the quarter with its presence. Adding to the elegance and ambience of an already sophisticated setting.

Where To Find Prada Online

Prada Handbag Despite the lockdown regulations, shopping designer accessories has never been easier. With Luxity, you can shop from the comfort of your home or inside our stores (AKA every Prada wearing devil’s dream closet!) Our online store saves the day when you’re not in the mood to drag yourself all the way to the store, but still want to get your hands on some designer beauties. Luxity sells 100% authentic designer handbags, shoes and more – every fashionista’s dream, right? You’re welcome! Find your old designer accessories a new home at Luxity, by selling your authentic designer handbags, shoes and accessories to us… So that you can make space in your closet for even more. Because what is life without a Prada collection. Why have nada, when you can have some Prada?