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Trendy Winter Fashion Tips For Men

Most men do not realise that warm, winter fashion doesn’t have to be bland, all-black outfits every day. If you need help looking hot in the cold, keep reading for trendy and warm winter fashion tips.


Leather Up

This winter, don’t limit yourself to bad boy biker jackets. There are so many nice leather options for men this year, including faux leather pants, shirts, and shackets.  

Chelsea Boots

Double thick Chelsea boots are a must for both men and women this winter season. Not only are they trendy, but they give you some extra height too! 

We’re particularly obsessed with Versace’s unique Greca Labyrinth Chelsea boots. 

Dark Leather Watches

Don’t forget to add some ice to your winter ensemble. Yes, seasonal watches exist. For example, leather straps are better in colder weather than metal straps as they’re not as cold. Whereas in summer, your wrists swell and sweat which could damage the leather quality. Hence, why a lot of watch owners switch between different straps throughout the year. This winter, burgundy, dark brown and navy blue straps are trending.

We’re currently obsessed with the TAG Heuer Diamond Carrera navy leather straps and sapphire crystal. 


Casual tailoring is one of our favourite men’s styles–especially in winter. The ‘shacket’ (shirt-jacket) is thicker than a shirt, but not as bulky as a true jacket–making for the perfect balance. What’s more, it’s less dressy than a blazer so, if you’re looking for a casual, but still tailored piece of outerwear. It’s the best of everything. 


Layering gives you room to be creative and use different combinations to create the perfect affluent look. 

A good place to start is with a three-layering system–with the warmest materials placed closest to your skin. The best part about it is that you can easily remove layers, should you get warmer. 

Where To Buy Men’s Winter Apparel & Accessories

Wondering where to shop for luxurious men's clothing and accessories? Browse our online selection of designer wear or visit us at one of our three Brick and mortar stores in South Africa