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Luxity Rebrand: From Look To Lifestyle

Luxity has a new logo

A word with many meanings, Luxity is proudly pronounced “lux-city” as it is the capital of all things luxury.

Created over half a decade ago, inspired by and dedicated to supporting the strong and stylish women of South Africa who crave designer collectables that make them feel fiercely fashionable.

Luxity was brought to life to fulfil the fantasies of those that have a deep desire for designers. Allowing South Africans to buy and sell their classic collectable bags, shoes & accessories. We became experts in extravagance, the MVP for prolific fashion fanatics, and South Africa’s seductive salvation of accessible authentic international style.

In a time when pre-owned designer was unheard of in SA, Luxity offered rare vintage of the highest quality. By curating collectables that were priceless, and also fairly priced, we became the largest source of limitless luxury.

As we have grown, so has our mission of leading the luxury pre-owned market by evolving our offerings. We have added variety to our men’s range with designer watches & Montblanc pens while expanding our selection of brands. With dozens of new listings going live on our website every day at 11 AM.

Our mission has reached a new frontier, and the time has come for our logo to evolve and become more representative of the revolutionary era ahead.

Luxity’s new logo begins with the concept of timelessness - taking the best of yesterday into each new day so that tomorrow is guaranteed to be better than today.

We sent our team off with the goal of striking the perfect balance between classic chic and modern minimalist. To create a logo that captured timelessness and the quality of extraordinary exchange, built with elements that revolve around the perfect combination & collaboration of past with future.

This led the creatives in our corporate family to the concept of

Where future fashion and pre-owned past meet to create a stylish eco-friendly circular economy. It includes the known & unknown, what once was, what is right now and what is yet to be.

Represents past [ ] and future [ ], the impossible made possible.

is the symbol that makes a force into something formidable, fierce and everlasting.

This X-factor led us to become SA’s luxury legend, and it’s what makes us the local leader we will always be.

The Limitless Luxity Lifestyle

As a company, we are so much more than just the purveyors of a circular economy.

Like the perfect outfit is more than just a look, it's an optic attracting opportunities, a first date that became a soulmate, the intern who built an industry off an idea.

We believe in the forces of fashion and the superpower that is pre-owned fashion. With this aesthetic ability, we are committed to advancing towards a future that promotes sustainability and equality.

And finally, we are repositioning from pre-owned to sustainable, this is a move motivated by the need to evolve.

Over the years, we have helped South Africa realise that there is no stigma behind buying pre-owned. As we come to the close of this successful mission, we take on a new crucial crusade...

To show South Africa that second hand isn’t just shame-free, but ultimately far superior to shopping new! Premium pre-owned protects the planet (and the pocket), it is simultaneously stylish & sustainable!

We believe in timeless iconic investments, not trends that don’t stand the test of time. That collecting curated classics is more fashionable, socially conscious & eco-friendly than following fast-fashion fads that don’t last.

Luxity’s core goal revolves around ensuring that everyone is able to pass down authentic collectable icons for generations, for the greater good, for our priceless planet & people, and for the sake of sustainable style.