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Brand History & Legacy

Our Love Affair with the Hermès Constance

Anyone who knows us knows that we’re obsessed with Birkin’s and Kelly’s and everything Hermès generally. Today, we want to shine the light on the incredibly coveted and exclusive Hermès Constance that completes our dream trio! Despite the Constance being around for half a century, it's only really having its spotlight moment right now, and we love it. We thought you’d like to know a little bit more about this beauty so here goes… prepare to fall madly in love!

1) The Constance Displays Impeccable Craftsmanship True to the Hermès Brand

Impeccable craftsmanship and production of the Hermes Constance The Constance takes 14 hours to make and is made by a single artisan, which lives up to the Hermès idea of quality! This kind of excellence is unparalleled to any other luxury brand, and the Constance carries the Hermès reputation far.

 2) Unique and Bold H Emblem

Bold H Emblem of the Hermes Constance If you genuinely want to display your love for Hermès to the world, what better way to do it than with the gorgeous central H on the Constance bag? The H emblem comes in various forms like hardware, enamel, contrast or tone-on-tone. You just need to decide which one suits you and your personality best!

3) The Constance Has a Rich History

Like the Birkin and the Kelly, the Constance has its own classic founding story. Initially introduced in 1959, the bag was named after its designer Catherine Chaillet’s 5th child, who was born on the day the first Constance H bag was sold! The bag was instantly popular after icons like Jackie O and others were seen carrying the Constance everywhere. Jackie O wearing Hermes Constance

4) The Constance is Beautifully Traditional yet Chic

The clean shape ad structure of the Hermes Constance The Constance’s shape structure and clean lines make it the perfect bag if you're looking to add an elegant and structured look to any outfit! With the huge shoulder bag trend going on at the moment, this is one bag that’ll steal any spotlight.

5) The Constance is Available in Various Sizes, Shapes and Materials

pre-owned limited edition Hermès Constance Limited Edition Bleu Tempete Bleu Niloticus handbag What makes the Constance stand out from the Birkin and the Kelly in the golden Hermès trio is that it’s the only one that is always hands-free which makes it perfect for travelling and busy days/nights out! It has a beautifully clean canvas that can be worn with almost any colour and style. The Constance is available in many different types of leather like Box, Swift, Epsom and of course exotics like croc or alligator. To top it all off, the Constance bag is available on the special-order menu bag at Hermès which makes it customisable! Recently, a pre-owned limited edition Hermès Constance Limited Edition Bleu Tempete Bleu Niloticus handbag was sold for R605 000!

6) The Constance Can be Incredibly Difficult to Get Your Hands-On

Hermes Constance While the Kelly and the Birkin may be known for their rarity status, the Constance is definitely not an EASY find. The wait for a Constance bag can be incredibly long and frustrating – but as always, Hermès does not disclose how long the waitlist is. At the moment, the Constance is regarded as Hermès' most elusive bag, even with Hermès having increased their production! It is, therefore, no wonder that the resale price of a Constance is often higher than in the store – this is especially true for countries like South Africa where Hermès isn’t present. After all: do you want it right now or wait until it becomes available in the distant future? When you see one, you better act fast!

7) The Constance Bag is Celebrity-Approved

The Constance bag is celebrity-approved The rich and famous can often be seen lovingly sporting a gorgeous Constance bag which adds to its elite and coveted status! At Luxity, we’ve been blessed with a visit from a beautiful Hermès Epson Leather Constance bag! This stunner is in impeccably pristine condition and has never been used before. Hermès Epson Leather Constance bag Luxity is home to all of your favourite designer brands! Check out our website and get your hands on an authentic Hermes handbag now!