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Handbagged By Science

Ladies, ever heard of the “Stanford Marshmallow Test”? Actually, neither have we until yesterday, as we weren’t around when California’s renowned Stanford University conducted their famous experiment during the late 1960’s to early 70’s. But it proves exactly what we lovers of quality fashion have always known. Very simply put, the guys at Stanford Varsity conducted a series of tests on “delayed gratification” among young children. They offered them the choice of a small reward now (i.e. one marshmallow), or a slightly larger reward (i.e. two marshmallows) later. Marshmellow Test After many years of research and testing, the distinguished profs proved that the children who picked “delayed gratification” had better life outcomes generally (education, job, happiness etc.) Shopping At Luxity Heck, we girls already knew that, didn’t we? Sure, you’d would have loved a Burberry Haymarket Check Gold Amelia Tote for tens of thousands! But, clever you, you resisted that initial temptation to splurge or go into debt. And now, finally, delayed gratification! You can buy the exact same handbag and more at Luxity (in pristine condition) for way less. That’s your reward for delayed gratification. And it’s scientifically proven!