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Exciting News for Lovers of Top Quality Handbags

According to the London Financial Times, signature handbags could increase in value! Handbags, says the Financial Times, have become an investment asset. Recently, for example, a Hermes Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin handbag was sold at auction in Hong Kong in 2016 for more than R 4,213,965. That, of course, is at the very top end of “super handbags” - but the JustCollecting Rare Handbag index shows that in the past decade investment-grade bags have increased in value by 8%. "That’s due,” says Dan Wade, an expert at JustCollecting,“ to a surge in appreciation for the bag’s timeless style.” Hermes Bag Conspicuous consumption is becoming less and less appealing,” comments Ander Ojgaard, MD of Waremaker, a luxury marketplace and online magazine. “For this reason alone, we are convinced that investing in mainstream luxury brands will not be a good long-term investment.” Exotic skins, special material, gemstones and embroidery can add to the bag’s value. "The artistic merit of the bag, and associations with fashion icons, is also a key factor.” Hermes Handbag Condition, the experts remind us, is everything. The solution, of course, is to treat handbags like you might any other valuable possession – with love and care. Hermes accessories Meanwhile, the Financial Times concludes, for many, the appeal of wearing a designer label tossed casually over one arm, remains paramount – whoever you are. “Men have watches, women like to collect bags – something that’s going to last and either can be handed down or sold,” says Nicola Robinson, Founder of Luxury. We agree! That’s why you are going to find exactly the right luxury handbag, perfect for you, at Luxity.