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Brand History & Legacy

Designer Fashion vs. Designer Gadgets

"Not for today but for a lifetime" When purchasing high-end luxury brands you need to be aware that there is a big difference between fashion and tech gadgets. The latter’s value is especially perishable: Today's most popular gadgets will be dated next year! Designer fashion items, however, are often crafted to last for a lifetime (or even longer) and can be passed on to the next generation. That’s exactly why Luxity offers all its customers the best pre-loved luxury brands that will forever be with you. Quality Designer bag The style editor of 1843, Luke Leitch says: “I’ve pulled down bags from the attic and reacquainted myself with items of clothing I’d long forgotten I owned: a grey flannel Giorgio Armani shirt I was given 21 years ago; some 2005 vintage Church’s cordovan brogues bought after I’d got a promotion; a 1970s Baily’s of Glastonbury jacket (pristine), bought on eBay for a snip; and a green tweed Moncler coat I wore all winter five years ago but then shoved to the back of a cupboard and forgot about during the summer. Each of them is a delight – and I can easily imagine continuing to wear them for years to come; and even though the fashion business relies on passing fads to keep the consumer interested, many of the products sold under the flag of luxury are built to last.” Designer handbag quality So now, the good news for all you fashionistas: never hesitate when buying a luxury handbag. It will not quickly fade in trend like that newest iPad on the market now. Louis Vuitton is made to last for centuries. Do it the Luxity way and BE AUTHENTIC not only for days and months but for decades to come. Louis Vuitton Audrey Hepburn Let’s just take a look at a classic: the rich history of the Louis Vuitton Speedy began in the 1930s, when Louis Vuitton decided to make a smaller, more practical version of the Keepall for everyday wear, making it the very first handbags design of the French maison. Today, in the 21st century, this bag is ever so popular and relevant. With iPhones (and other smartphones and tech gadgets) we often don’t even notice the minimal changes in the latest model due to the high frequency of new releases. We just upgrade every year to keep up with the trend. Compared to investing in an authentic leather handbag, wasting money on the latest tech trend does not seem so savvy for our pockets. That is why at Luxity we offer iconic brands, which are not only important for today but for a lifetime!