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Brand History & Legacy

The Most Coveted Bag in the World – The Hermès Birkin’s History & Popularity

This is, without a doubt, the ultimate “It” bag! The quest to own an iconic Hermès Birkin bag can take years to fulfil. Indeed, no other bag has the same kind of prestige, history or legacy as the Birkin. Let’s look at the woman who inspired the most coveted bag in history: Singer and actress, Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin Hermes During an infamous Air France flight, Jane’s handbag contents fell out and scattered around the floor. The man sitting next to her commented that she should invest in a bag with pockets, to which she famously remarked that, “The day Hermès makes one with pockets, I will have that.” To her astonishment, the man sitting next to her turned out to be none other than Jean-Louis Dumas, the Executive Director of Hermès at the time, who encouraged Birkin to describe her dream bag to him. Right then, the two of them got working on the design on an air sickness bag, and they departed after he promised to have the bag made for her – not only did he famously deliver on his promise, but also named the bag after her. But what exactly, makes the Birkin maintain its unparalleled and unrivalled royalty status? We discuss some of the key points discussing how the Birkin retains its popularity as well as mysteriousness.

The Secrecy

Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin The number or percentage of Birkin bags sold annually does not get revealed, so the public has no idea how the production of the bag affects the bottom line. We also have no idea how many Birkins are manufactured. This adds to the entire mystique and exclusivity surrounding the bag.

No Walk-Ins

Orange Hermes Mini handbag You can’t exactly walk into a Hermès boutique and immediately be able to buy a Birkin. Never, ever. Purchasing a Birkin requires being placed on the waiting list and even then, your chances of getting one are dependent on the kind of relationship you have with the brand.

Celebrity Status

Kylie Jenner Hermes Birkin Collection Hermès does not make use of any online or print media to market the Birkin. The Birkin’s success is dependent on the perception of its prestige. A Birkin is highly coveted because it is seen on the arms of celebrities and royalty and that’s exactly what the brand needs to fill up those waiting lists.


Hermes Birkin Quality The Birkin has a classic shape and possesses the gold standard in timelessness and craftsmanship. It’s created by one highly skilled and trained professional, and it takes almost 20 hours to complete a bag from start to finish. Finally, the Birkin is put through several thorough quality control tests. Take a look at the Hermès Kelly, another legendary bag inspired by the one and only Grace Kelly, that was recently sold by Luxity. Who knows, maybe you’ll own the next Hermès royalty to grace our online store.