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Sustainable Pre-Owned Luxury Is Our Favourite Trend

Over the past decade, an increasing number of people have made notable changes in the way they consume. This in effect has forced others around them (especially millennials and generation z) to become more conscious of the impact their buying habits have on the environment.

As a knock-on effect of this, many brands and industries have changed their manufacturing and packaging processes. This is done in an attempt to decrease their negative impact on the environment and ultimately become more sustainable. The luxury industry, in particular, has made big moves to become more sustainable. ALSO SEE: 5 Tips To Shop Sustainably

Sustainability in the Luxury Industry

This shift is being seen in the luxury fashion industry as well. Many luxury fashion brands have taken the plunge by changing their manufacturing process drastically on the road to becoming more eco-conscious. Sustainability in fashion occurs when recycling, reusing and repurposing happens at each stage of the items' life cycle. To become even more sustainable, an increasing number of people are buying into the pre-owned luxury market. The second-hand industry is becoming one of the world’s largest consumer segments. In 2018, the demand for second-hand designer handbags rocketed. It is currently predicted that second-hand fashion is set to become a bigger market than luxury by 2022. Fashion is an industry that everyone actively takes part in, the responsible way to indulge in this industry is through purchasing items of quality rather than quantity. A high-quality secondhand Louis Vuitton Keepall will last you for years longer than a brand new cheap knock-off. As the end users of fashion, a consumers role in this global movement is to make sure that designer items are reused as many times as possible and recycled instead of discarded or forgotten. You may not want to wear those Jimmy Choo heels anymore, but there’s another girl out there that’s sure to love them! Buying into the second-hand luxury market also allows consumers to update their closets more often, we noted more benefits in our reasons for purchasing pre-owned designer handbags piece.  

Shop Pre-Owned Designer Items at Luxity

Choosing Sustainable Pre-Owned Luxury All Luxity items sold are always in excellent condition, this means that consumers receive incredible quality at a much lower price tag. Furthermore buying preowned items means that the production process that took place to make the item does not need to be repeated unnecessarily. Buying second-hand designer items has a massive positive impact on the environment, as it ensures that the item is reused as many times as possible. Do the right thing and shop and sell your luxury items at Luxity today!