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Top 7 Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

The wonderful world of pre-owned luxury watches opens you up to unique, vintage and affordable timepieces that you simply cannot get with brand-new items. See our top 7 benefits of buying second-hand luxury watches and see why new isn't always better. Have you got a timpiece that you're ready to cash in? Learn how to sell your luxury watch here.

Avoid Depreciation With Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches Just like cars, new luxury watches have an immediate depreciation in value once you take it out of the store. The depreciation amount could be priced anywhere between a few hundreds to a couple of thousands depending on the brand, model and value on the resale market. However, buying pre-owned avoids this big dip in value. In fact, you may even get back more on your ROI (Return On Investment) later when you decide to sell your luxury watch again.

Appreciation on your Luxury Watch Investment

Invest in Luxury Watches Yes, pre-owned luxury watches don’t just depreciate slower, in certain cases they could even ascend in value over time – giving you a good ROI. However, this of course depends on the brand, model, watchmaker, style, quality and number of pieces in the marketplace.

Pre-Owned Gives You More Options

Pre-owned watches When you open yourself up to the pre-owned luxury market, you’re saying YES to vintage, limited editions and more unique pieces to add to your luxury watch collection! In fact, these unique pieces are often better investment opportunities too. There is a whole world to discover in the pre-owned watch market and it can be quite exciting to learn about the intricate history of watchmaking on your way.

Vintage Luxury Watches

Watch Collecting If you’re into the style and aesthetic of vintage watches, then pre-owned is the way to go. Of course, there are contemporary watch models that are styled to look vintage – but any true watch collector will tell you that it’s simply not the same. What’s more, vintage luxury watches often tell a unique story which makes for the perfect ice breaker. Watch (pun intended) how friends and colleagues ask about your stunning timepiece and you can fill them in on the exciting tale.

Pre-Owned Luxury Watches Are More Affordable

Submariner Watch Pre-owned luxury items allow you to get the same highly coveted items at a better price so that you can stretch your money and buy even more! Brands and styles that had previously been out of your price range suddenly become more accessible.

Luxury Watches are Lifetime Accessories

High-end watches Unlike many clothing items, high-end watches are timeless (see what we did there?) Luxury timepieces are made of high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship that makes it a reliable lifetime accessory (if not, longer). In fact, most luxury watches take months (sometimes years) of intricate detail into watchmaking with master artisans that spent a lifetime perfecting their skills, dedicate their attention and expertise in producing mechanical wonders which stand above the rest. Hence, luxury watches keep in great condition – even when they’re not brand new.

Luxury Watches Make The Perfect Heirloom

Rolex For Women Because of excellent watchmaking and high-quality materials, luxury watches can last for decades to come – even when they’re pre-owned. In fact, Patek Phillipe’s slogan says “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation” and this holds true for many luxury watch holders all over the world. Luxury watches like Rolex, TAG Heuer, Cartier and other high-end brands are made with quality materials and craftsmanship they last longer and are great investments. If you’re ready to make the most stylish investment of your life, shop our stunning collection of luxury watches today!