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10 Tips To Start A Luxury Watch Collection

Luxury watches are the quintessential accessory of style and class for both men and women. Of course, many of us dream of owning an extensive luxury watch collection made up of iconic watchmakers like Rolex, Patek Philippe Swiss, Omega, TAG Heuer, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, IWC and more! But before you blindly purchase any basic timepiece, take a look at our nifty luxury watch collection tips for newbies.

1. Do Your Research

Luxury Watch Research Research is KEY. You can learn a lot about watches by reading through shopping sites (like Luxity ?) and watch-enthusiast blogs. Reading posts by collectors and sellers alike will increase your arsenal of watch knowledge quickly. Watch mechanics, materials, craftsmanship, resale value, style and history that makes each watch unique. So, before purchasing any watch, do your research!

2. Don’t Judge Second-Hand Luxury Watches

Second-hand luxury watches in South Africa Yes, we know that buying a brand-new item feels good but turning a blind eye on unique, stunning, and even limited-edition watches that are no longer produced by watchmakers is simply wrong! If you’re worried about the condition, keep in mind that luxury watches are made with excellent craftsmanship, making them last longer. What’s more, is that you’re likely to get a better deal for the same iconic timepiece when it’s second-hand. Also, who doesn’t love a good vintage accessory?

3. Consider Your Budget

Budgeting for Luxury Watches If you’re considering buying a luxury pre-owned watch, compared with a new luxury watch, your budget can stretch further. This means that you can still afford a higher quality timepiece. What’s more, the quality of materials, as well as master craftsmanship, makes luxury watches long-lasting and well worth the investment.

4. Remember: A Luxury Watch is An Investment!

Investing in Luxury Watches If you didn’t know before, pre-owned watches can make great investments! In fact, the rarer they become, the more they appreciate in value. The best place to buy and sell watches online is Luxity! We have a team of experts to verify that all the watches that come in are 100% genuine. Our interface makes it really easy to buy and sell pre-owned watches online in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, luxury watches are definitely a better investment than a smartwatch. You can’t really pass a smartwatch down to your kids as a part of their inheritance because they’re unlikely to last more than a single generation, but a classic Omega, Submariner or Patek Philippe Swiss watch you might. Aside from the stunning appeal of a classic timepiece, luxury watches appreciate over time and become a nest egg for your descendants.

5. Know The Difference Between Simple Calendar & Annual Calendar

Luxury Watch Calendar The annual calendar was only invented in 1996 by Patek Philippe. It did not exist before that. That means all those calendar watches you see from the middle and early part of the 20th century (if not a perpetual calendar) are simple calendars requiring advancing in February, April, June, September, and November. An annual calendar is something else, and manual advances are only required at the end of February. Get it right, otherwise, you'll really look silly in front of serious watch collectors!

6. Rolex is a Must-Have for Every Luxury Watch Collector

Rolex in South Africa Of course, there are many amazing luxury watch brands including Omega Jaeger, IWC, Patek, Lange, Vacheron and more that extol the benefits of hand-finishing, rarity and limited editions but a true collector knows that you need at least one Rolex. If this is news to you then it's best you pop over to our post highlighting 10 things you didn't know about Rolex. Rolex watches are among the most reliable, no-fuss mechanical watches to exist and that’s why it is known as one of the world’s best watches in the world.

7. Not Every Vintage Rolex Has a Black Bezel 'Bakelite'

Luxury Watch Black Bezel A ref. 6263 Daytona does not have a Bakelite bezel. Neither does Submariners or any Rolex watch that isn't a Reference 6542 GMT-Master, for that matter! Bakelite was only used by Rolex on this one reference. Understanding bezels are an important part of the art of collecting. Bakelite inserts for a Rolex exist only on a reference 6542.

8. It’s called a DEPLOYANT buckle, not DEPLOYMENT Buckle

Cartier Deloyant Buckle One of the most common mistakes newbie watch enthusiasts make is call the deployant buckle a ‘deployment’ buckle. This term was first introduced by Cartier and is French: boucle déployante.

9. Quality over Quantity

Luxury Watch SA Although a big luxury timepiece collection is impressive, quality is valued far more than quantity. Higher quality timepieces last longer because they are made of high-class materials and often have unique qualities that make them more desirable. Although everyone has different budgets to work with, the same questions apply to all collectors.

10. Care and Storage

Take care of your luxury watches as if they are your babies. Keeping your collection in tip-top shape by replacing batteries timeously and have your watches serviced and cleaned regularly. It is important to store your watches in a safe and dry place away from direct sunlight. Many collectors store them in their standard watch boxes, custom-made watch storage or even repurposed cigar cases! Wherever you decide to store your babies, make sure it's safely packed away from heat or moisture to maintain their condition and value. Lastly, be open to divesting when the time is right. What you loved yesterday may not fit the bill tomorrow. Investing in quality pieces with good resale value will help you the most in the future when you want to sell your watch to add something to your collection that’s potentially pricier. Congratulations, you’re now equipped with the basic knowledge to create your very own iconic luxury watch collection! Whether you want to buy or sell (or even both), Luxity is all your all-in-one stop for luxury accessories. What are you waiting for? Get started now!