The 5 Best Luxury Designer Shoes To Invest In

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Curious to know which shoes you could make money on when reselling them?
The key is to invest in the shoes that haven’t ever seen a decline in value.

We took a look at the 5 best luxury designer shoes you should be investing in right now.

Chanel Espadrilles 

Chanel Espedrilles

Chanel has become the most sourced brand for espadrilles.

If you’re looking to splurge on a pair of espadrilles that are adored by fashion editors and celebrities alike, this is the pair to go for!

Valentino Rockstud Heels

Valentino Studs

Despite being introduced eight years ago, Valentino’s Rockstuds have surely cheated time and the fast fashion trend.

These shoes still make an appearance on red carpets and the street-style set – making them worth the addition to your wardrobe!


The shoe that needs no introduction…

This iconic shoe has been worn by celebrities across the world like Kate Moss, Emma Watson and many others!

The pointed toe with the stiletto heel and sleek patent design makes it the perfect from day to night shoe.

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals

YSL Tribute Heels

Your shoe “sole-mate”! The Tribute sandals are one of the most popular shoes of the decade and adored by models, actors and reality stars alike.

These all-time trend and comfortable (yes, bonus!) shoes will take you easily from a casual to formal look.

Jimmy Choo Anouk Courts

Jimmy Choo Anouk

If you’re a keen red carpet fashion follower, you’re sure to have seen these make an appearance multiple times!

This elegant and classy style is here to stay and with so many different colours to choose from, it’s almost impossible to buy just one!

In case you needed an excuse to get your hands on a(nother) pair of designer heels… this is surely it.

Happy shopping!

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    BURBERRY Espadrilles Wedge Sandals Brown – S: 39 (6)

    $ 438.00 $ 182.50
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    JIMMY CHOO Love Lace Romy Pumps Silver – S: 35 (2.5)

    $ 876.00 $ 511.00
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    PRADA Patent Espadrille Wedge Sandals Nude – S: 41.5 (7.5)

    $ 730.00 $ 328.50
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    SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Leather Gold Plate Sandals Black – S: 38 (5)

    $ 584.00 $ 365.00
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    CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Leather Dugueclina Booties Black – S: 40 (6.5)

    $ 1,168.00 $ 511.00
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    SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Suede Vara Pumps Blue – S: 41 (7.5) – NEW

    $ 657.00 $ 438.00
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    LOUIS VUITTON Leather Peep Toe Slingback Pumps Brown – S: 38 (5)

    $ 949.00 $ 365.00
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    CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Taclou Spiked Platform Pumps Black – S: 40.5 (7)

    $ 1,095.00 $ 584.00
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    CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Patent Lilibelt Pumps Black – S: 39 (6)

    $ 876.00 $ 401.50
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