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7 Reasons Why Designer Handbags Are Worth The Price Tag

Yes, authentic designer handbags can cost a pretty penny (depending on the brand, style & model) but if you purchase a bag that will last you a lifetime (and then some), the price tag will eventually seem reasonable - even affordable - with every wear. So really, buying an authentic luxury handbag is smart shopping! Keep reading for our top reasons why we think designer handbags are worth their price tag.

They’re a Fashionable Investment

Invest In Designer Handbags SA Because they’re timeless, high-quality and long-lasting, luxury handbags can really be an investment. In fact, a recent report from the Art Market Research (AMR) proves that collectable luxury handbags (like Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc.) outperformed art, cars and even rare whiskey collecting, claiming the number 1 position as an "investment of passion" this year. It’s ironic and iconic that the very thing designed to hold your money can actually make you more of it!

They’re Timeless & Iconic

Louis Vuitton Luggage Bag The 2.55 Chanel shoulder bag was invented in 1955 and the iconic Louis Vuitton Damier print was invented in 1888, yet they’re still relevant in contemporary fashion. If you ask us, they’re the epitome of timeless and iconic fashion! Hence, designer handbags will not only last a lifetime and still be in fashion too!

Quality That Lasts Longer

Burberry Purses When you purchase a luxury bag, you’re not only paying for the stylish design and name brand – you’re also buying for world-class craftsmanship and high-quality materials, unlike counterfeit items. You may think that you’re saving money by purchasing a cheap replica, however, counterfeit bags are made with inexpensive materials that break easily. Subsequently, you’ll need to replace your handbag every year or even every few months which may cost you more in the long run. Because high-end handbag designers spare no expense when it comes to quality – you subsequently get the most out of every luxury purchase. In fact, if cared correctly, luxury bags can last for a lifetime – if not longer!

They’re Easier to Repair than Cheapies

Gucci Handbags in SA Life happens and sometimes the things dearest to us (our handbags) get caught in unavoidable situations where damage occur (it tears, broken zips etc.). However, the good news is that original designer handbags can often be easily fixed by a good cobbler or be sent back to the original designer.

Counterfeit Items are Illegal

Authentic Chanel Bags Selling and purchasing counterfeit designer handbags are highly illegal. Fake handbags infringe upon trademarks and copyright of the brand and designer. So, by opting for replicas, you are supporting unlawful activity. In fact, custom officials are clamping down on fake designer items by confiscating and destroying them – and potentially fining you!

They Look Better – Duh!

Hermes bags South Africa Handbags usually look as good as they cost. Hence, why most replicas look cheap and tired! Moreover, the counterfeit item’s stitching and construction are often poor, low-quality and the colours and dyes are often uneven. Authentic designers take real pride in their craft – whereas replica creators focus on bamboozling you!

Pre-Owned Designer Handbags Are Better for the Environment

Sustainable Handbags Purchasing a pre-loved designer handbag means that less pressure was placed on the environment to extract raw materials for a brand-new bag. Hence, a second-hand designer handbag becomes an example of eco-conscious shopping where well looked-after items are recycled by a different fashionista instead of being discarded or left unused in a cupboard. These are just a few of the benefits of purchasing authentic designer bags – there are many more! At Luxity, we pride ourselves on providing clients access to pre-owned and authentic designer items from coveted brands across the world! Additionally, you’re given a convenient payment plan option that allows you to pay off your designer item conveniently in 60 days. View our product offerings and shop till you drop!
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