Our Favourite Christian Dior Handbags

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Let’s be honest, Christian Dior is godsent to all fashionistas. Dior is responsible for some of the best make-up products, perfumes, high heels and more. However, nothing compares to their iconic handbags. So, we’ve conducted a shortlist of our top 6 favourite designer handbags.

The Saddle Bag

Dior Saddle Bag Monogram

The Dior saddle bag is an iconic piece, unlike any other. Its unique silhouette is beautiful and instantly recognisable. The iconic design was conceived by former Dior creative director, John Galliano in 1999. The design was inspired by the equestrian world, mirroring a horse saddle with an emblematic ‘D’ for Dior.

Of course, this luxury bag is an instant hit, the most talked-about accessory with every it-girl rocking the funky-shaped purse on their arm. Most notably, it’s been worn by A-list celebs like Beyonce and even the leading fashionista herself, Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City’ as Carrie Bradshaw. We aren’t kidding when we say it’s iconic.

Later, this funky piece became a defining piece for the luxury fashion house.

The handbag features black leather trims with gold accents including the ‘D’. It is popularly known for the classic Christian Dior monogram but also features an array of different colours and textures.

Lady Dior Handbag

Dior bag South Africa

The lady Dior bag is not only iconic for it’s beautiful and instantly recognisable design – no, this baby has a rich history too!

It’s a signature piece of the French fashion house and a nod to its founding couturier, Princess Diana was amongst the first to wear the handbag. What’s more, is that is was a gift from the first lady of France during the opening of a Cézanne exhibition. Hence, dubbed as ‘Lady Dior’.

Naturally, this gained the attention of fashionista’s all over the world – but no one expected it to gain the momentum which pulled through decades. Even today, the iconic piece is still relevant in the fashion world.

However, what adds to the allure of the lady Dior handbag is that truly is a continuation of Christian Dior’s legacy. Each element and feature is carefully representing the house’s iconic heritage. The beautiful quilting is a nod to Napoleon III’s chairs on which guests at the Dior runway shows would sit, and lucky charms inspire the metallic charms that fall from the strap.

Book Tote

Dior bag SA

Another piece that is an absolute must-have is the Dior Book Bag. The Bookbag has flocked the market since its time of production and is still trendy today. In fact, many celebs like Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lawrence and many others have customised the handbag to read their first names instead of the ‘Christian Dior’ text.

This tote is one of the most versatile and contemporary designs of handbags. Ideally designed to carry all your daily essentials, the large shape comes in styles with embroideries like the Toile de Jouy and iconic Dior Oblique patterns.

Simplistic, beautiful and iconic – what more do you need in a handbag?

The Diorama Handbag

Dior handbags

The Diorama bag mirrors the ready-to-wear style of the modern Dior woman. This beautiful handbag comes in an array of different colours, materials and finishes. However, it’s straight lines and structure give it an edgy, rock ‘n roll vibe to it and we love it.

Many fashionistas compare the Diorama to the Lady Dior handbag as it became an instant success as well.

Dior (r)evolution Bag

Dior Revolution

Dior’s (r)evolution is definitely one of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s most significant accomplishments! This piece is one the list of Dior’s most iconic handbags as it marks the end of a revolutionising era for Dior. It is a flap bag with smooth leather and is definitely a must-have for any fashionista.

What’s more is that it is reminiscent of Dior’s creative director’s modern woman who embodies empowerment, cosmopolitan and eclectic.

This handbag is definitely a fave!

Dior Le 30 Medium Tote

Iconic Dior bag

A timeless and unique piece of art, Dior’s Le 30 Medium Tote is probably one of the fashion house’s most affordable and best-selling accessory items. It features top-notch textured, hand-stitched leather often in lambskin, calfskin and other exotic leathers. Additionally, it’s embellished with stunning bag chain accessories too. Le 30 comes in a variety of colours to match any fashionista’s style.

What’s more is that the collection owes its name to Dior’s address in Paris, France on Avenue Montaigne.

So, it’s easy to see why this beauty is on the list of Dior most iconic pieces.

Handbags, as simple as they are, portray a high sense of fashion and can tell a lot about a person and we’re sure you can agree that Christian Dior’s say PLENTY, so you don’t have to.

Get your hands on your favourite Christian Dior accessories today!

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