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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rolex Watches

Rolex is undoubtedly the most well-known luxury watch brand in the world. Rolex’s global recognition is due to decades of success and popularity in mainstream culture like associations with Paul Newman, James Bond and others. Possessing functionality and dazzling elegance, Rolex is one of the best luxury watches out there. We thought we’d dive into a few facts that you (probably) don’t know about Rolex watches. L Looking to sell your rolex?

1. All Rolex Watches Are Handmade

Handmade Rolex Not only that, but each Rolex watch takes about a year to make. Artisans painstakingly craft every single watch by hand in Switzerland.  Each watch is given a significant amount of dedication and attention to ensure that they meet Rolex’s high standards. Once all the parts for a Rolex watch are made, they are mostly hand-assembled and then further tested through an intense quality assurance process.

2. Rolex Uses the Most Expensive Metal in The World 

Expensive Rolex Watches Rolex exclusively makes use of 904L stainless steel for their watches. As a comparison, other high-end brands use a 316L for their designs. 904L, which is considerably more expensive is corrosion, pitting and rust-resistant.

3. All Rolex Watches Undergo a Pressure Test

Rolex Craftmanship Rolex places each watch in a sensitive air pressure chamber to test for potential air leaks. If the medical-grade optical sensor finds any condensation or water infiltration, the watch is altogether scrapped. 

4. Rolex Manufactures Its Own Gold

Gold Rolex Watch An in-house foundry makes all the gold for Rolex watches. This ensures that all gold used for the production of Rolex watches have a consistent look and quality. Unsurprisingly, Rolex is the only watchmaker that makes their own gold.

5. Rolex Originated in London

Original Rolex While Rolex is a luxury Swiss company, they started out assembling watches, not making them. It all started with brothers-in-law, Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf putting movements into cases for jewellers. Rolex later moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919 due to wartime taxes levied on luxury imports.

6. A Rolex Watch Has Traveled to the Deepest Points of the Ocean

Rolex Submariner James Cameron was sporting a Rolex Deepsea Challenge when he descended into the Mariana Trench in 2012. The watch guarantees waterproof to a depth of 12,000 meters. The watch impressively kept perfect time throughout the 7-hour underwater journey.

7. The Most Expensive Rolex in The World Sold for $17,75 Million 

Rolex Daytona Especially known for its Hollywood pedigree, the 1968 Reference 6339 Daytona, made from leather and stainless steel is one of Rolex’s most iconic models. The watch sold for a whopping $17,75 Million at the October 2017 Phillip’s inaugural watch auction in New York City.

8. Rolex Headquarters are Incredibly Secure

Rolex Watches for Women Rolex Headquarters put any high-level security prison to, shame in terms of security. The brand houses Everose gold bars worth $1,000,000, so it’s not a huge surprise that they have employee fingerprint scanners, bank vault doors, iris scanners and unmarked armoured trucks to move Rolex parts from one location to the next.

9. No One Actually Knows What “Rolex” Means

Luxury Watches South Africa While many watchmakers assume that the name comes from the French term Horlogerie exquise (meaning exquisite clockwork), that isn’t the case. According to founder Hans Wilsdorf, the name Rolex was simply picked because it's short and looks good on a watch face. The name is easy to pronounce and sounds like the noise a watch makes when it's being wound.

10. Rolex Makes Use of IIII Instead of IV Roman Numerals on Their Dials

Rolex Watch Roman Numerals This is simply because IIII is known as the “Watchmaker’s four”. III is aesthetically pleasing and creates a symmetrical visual balance. Luxity is one of South Africa’s most trusted luxury reseller – whether you want to buy or sell a timepiece, we’re your go-to!