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10 Pensive Facts About Montblanc Pens

Although Montblanc is a German company, it's French name means 'white mountain', referring to the Mont Blanc mountain massif located in the Alps. Because of this, all Meisterstück pens has the number '4810' engraved on the nib to represent the height of the Mont Blanc mountain, while the white snow-cap, symbolises the peak of the mountain with its six glacier valleys. Keep reading for more interesting facts about the coveted luxury brand.

1. Montblanc Diamonds

Montblanc Diamond Cut In 2006, Montblanc commemorated its 100th anniversary. The brand celebrated by releasing several editions containing a Montblanc diamond. Later, the brand was the first in the world to be granted a patent for its diamond-logo cut!

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Montblanc Writing Test Every single Montblanc Meisterstück nib has to undergo a handwriting test. A specially trained craftsman feels if the nib writes smoothly by drawing waves and eights on a piece of paper.

3. Gold Standard

Gold Montblanc Pens All Montblanc Meisterstück nibs are crafted from solid gold (14 to 18-carat). Because it is an expensive material, Montblanc recycles the excess gold by installing an exhaust system at this special working station to capture the gold dust scattered during the grinding process. Furthermore, in order to provide the perfect writing experience, the Meisterstück gold nib must guarantee an unchanging form while remaining elastic and flexible. To attain this, a very special rolling process called, Strakverlauf, is necessary to give the gold band a conical contour. When the gold nibs are cut out of this band, the thickest part is at the tip of the nib.

4. More Rare Materials

Iridium pens All Montblanc Meisterstück nib has a tip made of iridium, one of the hardest materials on earth. In fact, it’s even rarer than gold and platinum! According to the brand, if the nib tip were just made of gold, it would be too soft and quickly “written away”.

5. “Where are you going?”

Luxury Pens in South Africa Each Montblanc Meisterstück pen is engraved with a tiny number on its clip ring. This refers to an individual series number known as a "Quo Vadis" number, which translates to “Where are you going?”. This number gives every Meisterstück its own identity.

6. The Most Expensive Pen in the World

Meisterstuck Solitaire Royal model The Meisterstuck Solitaire Royal model debuted in 1994 and with 4810 diamonds meticulously applied, it became the most expensive pen in the world at the time.

7. John F. Kennedy Montblanc Pen

JFK pens In 1963, John F. Kennedy helped German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer by offering him his Meisterstuck 149 pen to sign a document. Montblanc later released the ‘John F. Kennedy Special Edition Ballpoint Pen’ commemorating the former US president. The blue ink pen symbolises Kennedy’s time in the US and the famous Ivy League style. Additionally, his initials ‘JFK’ are engraved on the platinum-coated clip and the three platinum-coated cap rings stand for Kennedy’s three brothers. The Special Edition is crowned by the Montblanc emblem in precious resin.

8. Montblanc Collaboration with UNICEF

Montblanc and UNICEF Since 2004, Montblanc has built a strong relationship with UNICEF. Over 149 celebrities have written a letter, starting with the words “I like to write because…”. The letters and Montblanc pens on which the personality’s signatures were engraved were then put up for auction and the funds were donated to UNICEF.

9. Nib Service

Writing with luxury pens Montblanc offers a Bespoke Nib Service in selected boutiques, where experts are able to analyse individual handwriting to determine the one nib that will ideally suit your personal writing style! The Montblanc Bespoke Nib can then be created by Montblancʼs master craftsmen as a customised commission.

10. From Luxury Pens to Exclusive Watches

Montblanc Watches In 1997, the Montblanc Montre SA company was inaugurated in Le Locle, Switzerland which is well known for its luxury watches. Thereafter, came the Salon International of Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, along with the first Montblanc watch, also called Meisterstück. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or gifting it to others, Montblanc pens are a piece of luxury that every high society man and woman needs. Listed today - gone tomorrow, see our exclusive list of luxury pens before they’re sold out!

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